Safety Instructions For CNG Users

The Oil & Gass Regulatory Authority, Government of Pakistan has issued latest advertisement on 4th June 2022 in connection with Safety Instructions For CNG Users.

CNG Users Safety Instructions

“Strict Compliance with the prescribed Refueling Procedure as laid down in Standard Code of Practice of CNG (Production & Marketing) Rules 1992, is the only key to AVOID SERIOUS THREAT TO THE LIVES OF THE GENERAL PUBLIC/TRAVELERS AND DAMAGE TO THE PROPERTY.

Report any observed breach of the refueling procedure/ CNG Rules, 1992 at any CNG Station countrywide to OGRA, for immediate necessary action, so as to safeguard precious lives of the travelers. As per Safe Refueling Procedure:

  1. Refuel CNG only in vehicles having seamless and standardized cylinders of approved brand;
  2. CNG cylinders are periodically tested by HDIP and bear requisite stamp;
  3. Cylinder(s) fittings and piping are well intact and safe;
  4. Roadside workshops and unauthorized/non-qualified fitters are potential safety threat.
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Safety Instructions For CNG Users

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