Sanction of Leaves 2020

Chief Executive Officer, District Education Authority Sahiwal has issued the official Notification letter on 29th January, 2020 in connection with sanction of leaves 2020.

It is directed to direct all the Heads of educational institutions (Male/Female), District Sahiwal that no ex-post facto leave i.e. medical, earned or maternity etc. will be sanctioned and in case of relieving of any employee without prior sanction of leave he/she will be considered as absent from duty and strict action under PEEDA Act, 2006 will be initiated against the defaulters as well as the Head of institution concerned.

The DEOs will not submit ex-post facto leave case to this office for its sanction. Moreover, DEOs/ Dy. DEOs (Male/Female), District Sahiwal will not proceeding on leave without prior permission of the undersigned failing which strict action under the rules will be recommended against the defaulters.

Sanction of Leaves 2020

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