Sargodha University Exams Date Sheet 2023 MA/MSc, M.Com

Sargodha University Exams Date Sheet 2022 MA/MSc, M.Com

The Sargodha University has issued the exams date sheet 2023 for MA/MSc Part-II/Composite, M.Com Part-II, 2nd Annual Examination 2023 and 1st Annual Examination 2023 to be held in November 2022. The examination of MA/MSc/M.Com would be start from 3rd November 2022 and the last day of exam is 22nd November 2022. The timing of paper is 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm.

Sargodha University Date Sheet Annual Examination 2023

Candidates must keep with them their Original Computerized National Identity Card and Roll No. Slips, wear masks and follow all SOPs notified by Govt. of Punjab regarding COVID-19 during the course of Examinations, failing which they would not be allowed to take the Examination.

Date & Day Subject Title of Paper
Arabic Aloom-UI-Lisan
History Croup A Ancient History of Indo Pak
Group B History of Umayyads & Abbasides
Group C History of Ancient Europe (1452-1789)
Islamic Studies Al-Fiqah
Mathematics Advanced Analysis
Psychology Social Psychology
Physical Education Research Methodology in Physical Education
Political Science Comparative Political System (Old Course)
Comparative Political System (New Course)
Zoology Immunology
Botany Trends in Molecular Genetics (Old & New Course)
International Relations International Law(O ld Course)
International Law(New Course)
Commerce Operations & Production Management





















Economics International Trade Theory and Finance
Punjabi Jadeed Shairi
Urdu Iqbal ka Khasoosi Motalia                                       ‘
ZoIogy Wildlife and Fisheries
Botany Genetics (Old Course)
Genetics (New Course)
Sociology Population Dynamics
Education Computer Applications in Education
Pakistan Studies Ancient Civilization Indus Valley and Gandhara
International Relations


International Political Economy (Old Course)
International Political Economy (New Course)





Organic Chemistry (Major) (Old Course )
Inorganic Chemistry (Major) (Old Course)
Physical Chemistry (Major) (Old Course)
Analytical Chemistry (Major) (Old Course)
Physical Chemistry (Special) (New Course)
Inorganic Chemistry (Special) (New Course)      _
Organic Chemistry (Special) (New Course)
Biochemistry (Special) (Old & New Course )
Analytical Chemistry (Special) (New Course)
Political Sc ience Pakistan Movement (Old Course)
Introduction to International Relations (New Course)
Commerce Industrial & Management Accounting






En_•1ish Drama-11
Arabic Al- Shair-Ul-Arabi
History Group A History of Sultanate of Delhi (712-1526)
Group B Muslim Rule in Spain
Group C History of Modern Europe (1789-1945)
Islamic Studies Dawat-O-Irshad
Mathematics Methods of Mathematical Physics
Psychology Behavioral Neuroscience
Botany The Biochemistry of the Nucleic Acids (Old & New Course)
Zoology Bioinformatics
Physical Education Bio Mechanics





Political Science The Muslims World Dynamics and Issues (Old Course)
Research Methodology (New Course)     
International Relations Research Methodology (Old Course)      
Research Methodology (New Course)








Economics Econometrics Theory and Application    
Pun jabi Tanqeed (Nazri Tay Aml i)
Urdu Asaleeb Nasar-e-Urdu
Zoology Animal Ecology
Botany Environmental and Conservation Biology (Old Course)
Plant Ecology (New Course)
Sociology Sociology of Development
Education Research Methods in Education
Pakistan Studies Political Parties in Pakistan
International Relations foreign Policy of Pakistan (Old Course)
Foreign Policy of Pakistan (New Course)
Chemistry Organic Chemistry (Minor) (Old Course)
Organic Chemistry (Additional) (New Course)
Political Science External Relations of Pakistan (Old Course)
Contemporary Muslim World (New Course)
Commerce Organization Behaviour & Human Resource Management







09/1 )/2022


English Fiction—11
Arabic Tareekh—Al- Adab-Ul-Arabi


Group A History of the Great Mughals (1526-1707)
Group B History of the Ottomans Empire & Modern

Turkey (1288-1999)

Group C History of England (1688-1945)
Islamic Studies Islam and Modem Economic Thoughts and Movements
Mathematics Theory of Approximation and Splines
Psychology Experimental Psychology
Physical Education Sports Medicine
Zoology Statistical Ecology
Botany Biogradation and Bioremediation (Old & New Course)
Political Science Foreign Policies of Major Powers U.S.A / U.S.S.R China

France and Britain (Old Course)

Foreign Policy of Pakistan (New Course)
Int e rnatio nal Relations Political Systems of Major Powers (US.China, Russia) (Old


Foreign Policy of United States (New Course)












Economics Development Economics Theorv and Pol icy
Punjabi Motalia Seerat Qomi Shairi
Urdu Urdu Nazm
Zoology Evoloution & Principles of Systematics
Botany Plant Physiology (Old & New Course)
Sociology Community Development
Education Educational Planning and Management
Pakistan Studies Pakistan and the Current Affa irs
International Relations Diplomacy (Old Course)
Diplomacy: Theory And Practice (New Course)
Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry (Minor) (Old Course)
Inorganic Chemistry (Additional) (New Course)
Political Science International Law (Old Course)
Foreign Pol icy of United States (New Course)
Mathematics Numerical Analysis
Commerce Introduction of E-Commerce







English Literary Criticism



Manhaj-Al-Bahas Wal Tahqeeq
Tarjamat-tun-Nusoos-Bil Lughatain
H istory Group A    History of Later Mughals (1707-1857)
History Group B History of Modem Arab World (1914-2005)
Group C    History of U.S.A (1783-1945)

Islamic Studies

Islam and Science

Islam and Philosophy
The Resources and Problems of Islamic World






Mathematics Mathematical Statistics
Psychology Development Psychology
Physical Education Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education
Political Science International organizations (Old Course)
International Law (New Course)                                                                                           
Education Teaching of English
Zoology Advance in Insect Pest Management                                                                                  
Botany Plant Biotechnology—I (Old & New Course)
International Relations International Political Geography (Old Course)
Defense and Strategic Studies (New Course)
Commerce Business Research Methods







Economics Research Methodology
Punjabi Lisaniyat
Urdu Tadress-e-Urdu                                         
Botany Plant Systematics and Taxonomy (Old & New Course)
Sociology Sociology of social Change
Education Education in Pakistan
Pakistan Studies Local Self Government in Pakistan
International Relations    Defense and Strategic Studies (Old Course)                                                         
International Political Geography (New Course)                                                       
Political Science Political Sociology (Old Course)
Foreign Policy of China (New Course)
Zoology Principles of Toxicology
Chemistry Physical Chemistry (Minor)(Old Course)
Physical Chemistry (Additional) (New Course)



























Engl ish

Short Stories
Literature in English Around the World


Al Lughat-uI-Arabia
Al Adab-ul-Muqarin
Al Adab-uI-Arabia- Fi- Shabah-al-Qarat
Al Adab-ul-lslami


Groap A History of the Punjab (1021-1947)
Group B History of Central Asia
Group C International Relations & Organizations


Islamic Studies Islamic and Modem Political and Social Thoughts
Islamic Morality and Mysticism
Mathematics Group Theory
Zoology Microbiology
Botany Plant Biotechnology—11 (Old & New Course)
Education Teaching of General Science


Counseling Psycholoey                                                                                                          
Clinical Psychology
Organizational Psychology
Educational Psycholo,•y
Physical Education Administration and Management in Physical Education
Political Science Local Self Government in Pakistan (Old Course)
Political Sociology (New Course)
International Relations Foreign Policies of Neighboring Countries

(China, India, Afghanistan and Iran) (Old Course)

Contemporary Issues in the Midd ie East (New Course)
Commerce Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
Advanced Auditing









Advanced Mathematical Economics
Applied Economics and Computer Application
Operations Research
Punjabi Jawab Mazmoon
Urdu Fun-e-Sahafat Aur Urdu Sahafat
Sociology Survey Methods & Report Writing
Education Teaching of Mathematics
Pakistan Studies Human Rights in Pakistan
International Relations Contemporary Issues of Middle East (Old Course)
Foreign Policy of China (New Course)
Political Science Public Administration (Old Course)

Federalism in Pakistan (New Course)





Mathematics Computer Applications
Zoology Zoogeography and Paleontology
Botany Plants Cell Tissue and organ Culture (Old & New Course)
Chemistry Analytical Chemistry (Minor) (Old Course)
Analytical Chemistry (Additional) (New Course)








Mathematics Number Theory

Physical Education

Health and Environmental Science
Spots In ivies / Rehabilitation and its Management
Curriculum Development in Physical Education
Exercise Physiology
Sports Nutrition
Political Science Defense and Strategic Studies (Old Course)
Public Administration (New Course)
Education Method of Teaching of Urdu
Botany Plant Conservation Mana,•ement (Old & New Course)
Zoology Fundamentals of Hematology              
International Relations International Politics of Central Asia (O ld Course)
Conflict Resolution (New Course)
Pak Studies Military Role in Pakistan
Commerce International Finance
Advanced Accounting






































Monetary Theory and Policy
Public Sector Economics
Investment and Project Appraisal
Managerial Economics
Punjabi Wahran Jang Namay Tay Lok Adab
Pak Studies The Problems and Politics of Federalism in Pakistan



International Relations

Area Focused studies Central Asia (New Course)
Area Focused Studies South Asia, (any one Area Old


Area Focused Studies South East Asia (Old Course)
Area Focused Studies Central Asia (Old Course)
Area Focused Studies , Middle East (Old Course)
Area Focused Studies Far East and Asia Pacific (Old


Mathematics Rings and Modules
Political Science Modem Political Thought-Western (Old Course)
Political Economy (New Course)                                                                             
Education Methods of Teaching of Pakistan Studies                                                     
Zoology Animal Behaviour                                 
Botany Environmental and Conservation Biology (New Course)


Bio Chemistry (Minor) (Old Course)
Bio Chemistry (Additional) (New Course)


SOC10 l Ogy

Sociology of Gender issues
Criminology and Sociology of Deviance
Social Problems of Pakistan
Commerce Commercial Bank Management
Financial Statement Analysis
Mathematics        Fluid Mechanics
Political Science Modem Political Thought-Muslims (Old Course)                                            
Pakistan Movement (New Course)
Urdu Farsi Zaban-O-Adab                                                                                                 
Arab i Zaban-O-Adab                               
International Relations Conflict Management & Resolution (Old Course)
Area Focused Studies Asia Pacific (New Course)
Pak Studies The Problems of Population of Pakistan
Zoology Fish Physiology and Breeding
Botany Biostatistics (Old Course)
Biostatistics and Mathematics (New Course)







History of Economic Thought
Comparative Economic Systems
Environmental Economîcs
Agricultural Economics
Political Economy and Global Order
Punjabi Shafat Tay Mussawada Nigari










Zoology Biology of Spiders
Botany Recombinant DNA Technology (Old & New Course)
Chemistry Environmental & Industria 1 Chemistry (Compulsory)

(New Course)

Urdu Urdu Dramy Ki Rawayat
Education Guidance and Counseling
Pak Studies Mass Media and Communication in Pakistan
Political Science Research Methodology (Old Course)
Political System of South Asia (New Course)
International Relations Dynamics of Muslim World (Old Course)
Area Focused Studies South Asia (New Course)
Commerce Corporate Finance
Accounting Information System























Labour Economics
Human Resource Development and Management
Regional Economics                           
Economic Princip les, Strategies and Techniques of


Punjabi Arabi, Farsi Ton Pun jabi Wich Tart  may
Zoology Ornithology
Human Embryology and Teratology



Political Science

Political System of India, Bangla Desh, Sri Lanka and

Nepal (Old Course)

Theories of Comparative Politics (New Course)
Political System of Iran, Iraq and Egypt (Old Course)
Political System of Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria (Old


Political System of Sweden, Norway and Denmark (Old


Political System of France, Germany and Switzerland (Old


Botany Research Methodology (Old & New Course)
Plant Ecology-1 (Old Course)
Plant Ecology-II (Old Course)
Mathematics Special Relativity and Analytical Dynamics
Pak Studies Legal System in Pakistan Civil and Criminal
International Relations Politics of Russia (New Course)

Sargodha University Practical / Viva Voce Date Sheet 2023

Dates for commencement of Practical / Viva Voce Examinations are given below. Schedule of Practical / Viva Voce Examinations of regular students will be communicated to the Principals of their respective colleges whereas schedule of Practical / Viva Voce Examination / Roll No Slips of private candidates will be uploaded on University Website. Regular students are advised to remain in touch with their Principals and private students are advised to remain in touch with University Website. In case of any query the candidates can contact the office of Controller of Examinations on telephone No. 048-9230905.

Also Check:

Sr. No Subject Starting dates of Practical

Viva Voce Exams

1. Social Work 09 — 12 — 2022 Viva — Voce (Field work)
2. Sociology 09 — 12 — 2022 Viva — Voce
3. Mass Communication 09 — 12 — 2022 Practical
4. Chemistry 10 — 12 — 2022 Practical
S. Psychology 13 — 12 — 2022 Viva — Voce
6. Education 15 — 12 — 2022 Teaching Practice
7. Zoology 17 — 12 — 2022 Practical
8. Botany 20 — 12 — 2022 Practical
9. Physical Education 23 — 12 — 2022 Practical
10. Mathematics 23 — 12 — 2022 General V iva — Voce / Practical

Computer Applications

11. Islamic Studies 26 — 12 — 2022 Viva — Voce

Sargodha University Examination Instructions For Students

Candidates are directed to note the following instructions:-

  1. Roll No. should be written on the right of the Title Page of the Answer Book only and not at any other place. Answer Book number should not be mentioned inside the Answer Book.
  2. Marks of identification should not be made any-where in the Answer Book or on the Title Page.
  3. Part with any material relevant to the syllabus before entering into the Examination Hall.
  4. No appeal to be made to the Examiner in the Answer Book.
  5. Abusive or obscene language should not be used in the Answer Book.
  6. Unfair Means Case will be registered against the candidate(s) who refuses to obey Center Superintendent, changes his/her
  7. Roll No / Seat with another candidate, creates disturbance, stages walkout, resorts to pen down strike or instigates others to do so, or otherwise misbehaves in or around the Examination Hall or having been found in possession of fire-arms or anything capable of being used as a weapon of offence.
  8. Unfair Means Case will be registered against the candidate who is found in possession of fire-arms or anything capable of being used as a weapon of offence in or around Examination Hall.
  9. No one is allowed to leave the Examination Hall before first one hour is over. If anyone leaves after one hour or before half the time is over, lie/she shall not be allowed to take away the Question Paper.
  10. Un-authorized change of Center is strictly prohibited. If anyone changes his/ her Center of Examination on his/ her own, Un-fair Means Case will be registered against him/her. Similarly no change of subject is allowed unless permitted by the University.
  11. No one can appear in the Examination without getting his/her Roll Number SI ip. Unfair Means Case will be registered against those who violate the instructions and rules/regulations of the University.
  12. The candidates are not allowed to bring/use mini computer/calculator and mobile telephone sets in the Examination Hall. Unfair Means Case shall be registered against those who violate the above or such other instructions as are issued.
  13. The candidates must reach examination center at 1:30 pm. No candidate will be allowed to enter examination hall after 2:00

Note: In case of any clash/missing paper private candidates as well as Principals of respective colleges are requested to inform this office latest by 19-09-2022.

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Sargodha University Date Sheet Annual Examination 2022 

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