SBCA Campaign Clean My Karachi

Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) has joined the campaign of “Clean My Karachi”. As a social responsibility, SBCA is proud to support the ongoing campaign Clean My Karachi besides curbing illegal construction work to ensure a better living environment.

Come Forward & Strengthen Our Hands in Making This City Clean

All builders/developers, advertisement companies, individuals, residents, societies I associations, maintenance companies are directed to immediately ensure removal of Hoardings/ Pana-flex Sign from the buildings in compliance of the orders of Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan. Furthermore all builders and Residence Societies/Associations are directed to ensure face-lifting of buildings by painting, maintenance of drainage lines, [proper cleaning of facades, elevations and entrances fall”beautification of the city.

Residents Societies / Associations are also directed to ensure proper disposal of garbage in the Dust Bins provided by Solid Waste Management and DMCs. Overflow of Water and Sewerage lines within the project premises should also be repaired and taken care of.

Clean is Half Faith

SBCA Campaign Clean My Karachi


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