School Education Department 16 Key Initiatives

School Education Minister Murad Raas, Government of Pakistan has taken 16 key initiatives in the last 16 months after being appointed as Education Minister Punjab by PM. These are all new Initiatives which are being implemented for the past 16 Months.

16 Key Initiatives

It is no-doubt that school education is the largest department of Punjab and a biggest challenge to manage it on the way of success. The Education Minister Murad Raas has taken this credibility and the last year department has taken 16 best initiatives to facilitate the teachers and students.

1). E-Transfer


E-Transfer system was successfully launched & implemented for online, transparent, and merit-based transfer of teachers. More than 30,000 transfer orders have been issued in various phases of e-transfer.

Teachers can apply for transfers online from the ease of their homes and they are receiving their orders at their doorsteps.

2). Insaf Afternoon Schools

Insaf Afternoon Schools

Insaf Afternoon Schools program has been launched to address drop out post primary level and to enroll out of school children. 21,000+ children have been brought back to schools using the initiative. The program is being expanded to 1000 schools across the province.

3). Insaf Primary Schools

Insaf Primary Schools

Insaf Primary Schools program has been launched to enroll out of school children. 100 schools are being set up in the first phase. 250,000 plus children in Lahore are out of schools. 21 crores have been allocated for 100 schools in 3 months.

4). Insaf Mobile Schools

Insaf Mobile Schools

To address the issue of out-of-school children, Mobile Schools in buses are being launched. The program will be rolled out in next 3-4 months.



Punjab’s Human Resource Management System (HRMIS), the largest of its kind in the country, has been launched to make all matters related to teachers available online. Teachers can now apply for Casual Leaves online.

6). School Education Policy

School Education Policy

First ever School Education Policy launched in Punjab.

7). Sports Strategy

Sports Strategy

Punjab’s first ever Sports Strategy has been prepared which will be implemented in public schools across the province by March 2020.

8). Danish Schools and Centre of Excellence

Danish Schools and Centre of Excellence

We have started the process of revamp of Danish Schools. They are open for everyone now. Govt has saved 500 million by rationalization of staff.

9). Teachers Licensing Act

Teachers Licensing Act

Teachers licensing will be implemented. It was approved by cabinet and soon Punjab Assembly will approve it.

10). Punjab Assessment Policy Framework

Punjab Assessment Policy Framework

We will improve our assessments and board exams for 5th standard have stopped.

11). Urdu as Medium of Instruction

Urdu as Medium of Instruction

Urdu will be the MOI (Medium of Instruction) at primary level from the start of next academic year (March 2020). English will continue to be taught as a language subject.

12). Textbooks Revision

Textbooks Revision

Textbooks are being revised with new syllabus to improve critical thinking in our students. It will be implemented from academic year 2021.

13). 110 Model Schools

110 Model Schools

110 Model Schools by March-April 2020 in 11 districts.

14). Missing Facilities (PSCRP)

Missing Facilities (PSCRP)

Under Punjab School Construction & Rehabilitation Program, 2000 new classrooms, 1000 science and I.T labs each, and 400 libraries will be established by April 2020.

15). Clean and Green Pakistan

Clean and Green Pakistan

Under the ‘Clean and Green Pakistan‘ campaign, 2.3 Million trees have been planted by the students and teachers in 25 Districts.

16). Rationalization


By April 2020, rationalization process will be completed and issue of shortage of teachers will be addressed.

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