School Education Department Computer / IT Teachers Irrelevant Assignments/Tasks

Government of the Punjab, School Education Department has issued the official Notification letter on 8 October, 2019 in connection with irrelevant assignment assigned to the Computer / IT Teachers.

In continuation of this Department’s letter of oven number dated 08-09-2016 on the subject cited.

Keeping in view the need of the era and importance of Computer / IT Education. it has already been conveyed that prime duty of IT / Computer Teachers is to impart education to students and no irrelevant task such as data entry, clerical work may be assigned to them. It has been observed that such Instructions are not being followed in letter and spirit, which is not tolerable.

In view of above, it is once again directed that no irrelevant task other than teaching be assigned to Computer / IT Teachers and the same be circulated for strict compliance.

School Education Department Computer  IT Teachers Irrelevant Assignments Tasks

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