School Education Department Sindh Biometric Verification of Teachers

Directorate General Monitoring & Evaluation, School Education & Literacy Department Government of Sindh has issued the Notification on 4 September, 2019  in the matter of Policy Guidelines for Employees having Biometric Record in One School While Claiming Place of Posting as per Transfer Order in Another School.

I would like to invite your kind attention to the captioned subject and convey herewith policy guidelines for deciding disciplinary proceedings against an absconder or habitual absentee whose place of posting as per Biometric record is in one school, while his/her place of posting as per transfer order is shown in another school.

In this context, it is very pertinent to highlight and reproduce here under the relevant provision of approved and notified Monitoring & Evaluation Policy Guidelines, 2017 regarding the transfer of teacher/staff as contained in Para 8.2 of the policy:

During the visit of Monitoring Assistant when a teacher / employee is found to have been referred, but his/her biometric registration still reflects his name against the current schools, even then the teacher / employee will be considered as absent. Thus, the teacher is supposed to remain in his/her place of posting where his/her biometric verification record is saved. In case of a transfer / relocation of a teacher / staff in public interest (to open a school or to improve the STR radio), the concerned DSE and DEO will be duty bound to get thee biometric changed, by writing a letter to Secretary, School Education & Literacy Department that the transfer has indeed been ordered to achieve above mentioned twin objectives.

In view of above policy provision regarding transfer, the worthy Secretary, School Education & Literacy Department has directed to convey his direction that ” If in reply to SCN, any absconder or habitual absentee gives reason of his actual posting at some other place, the concerned competent authority /  authorized officer shall not pass any order unless he has obtained signed verification from the data centre about the statics of posting of that employee on the dates when the Monitoring Assistant has inspected / visited the school, and had marked the employee absconder or absentee. Secondary, confirmation shall also be obtained from Directorate General (Monitoring and Evaluation) / Chief Monitoring Officer concerned about that employees actual recorded presence in the school which the concerned employee claims to be posted in that period. This is a policy guideline, and nobody shall act to the contrary.

School Education Department Sindh Biometric Verification of Teachers

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