Security Measures for PEC Exam 2020

Punjab Examination Commission has issued the official Notification letter on 24th January, 2020 in connection with security measures for PEC exam 2020.

I am directed to refer to the subject cited above and to Inform that examination of Grade-8 under Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) is scheduled to commence from 4th February and shall continue till 13th February, 2020 all over the Punjab.

In view of prevailing security situation in the country, foolproof security arrangements need to be ensured at all examination centers that include;

i). Imposition of Section 144;

ii). Deployment of adequate police force through concerned Police station:

iii). Positioning of trained school security personnel at entry points and at a vantage point of the exam center;

iv). Availability of functional CCTV cameras at examination centers:

v). Proper body search

vi). Post / display key emergency / police / medical / counter terrorism numbers at visible places.

vii). Deployment of School staff for scouting / surveillance around the examination centers:

viii). Reporting of any suspicious activity to Police, military Police, security forces, or local law enforcement as appropriate;

ix). Arrangement of immediate dispersal of students after completion of exam and avoid gathering and crowd outside exam centers;

x). Any other measure for enhancing security.

It is requested that above security measures may be taken in true spirit in collaboration with district administration.

Security Measures for PEC Exam 2020

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