Self Expression/Introduction Ability in English

District Education Officer (SE) Rahim Yar Khan has issued the official Notification to all the Heads of the institutions High and Higher Secondary (Male & Female) on 4th December, 2019 in connection with self expression / introduction ability in English.

As per direction of the worthy Deputy Commissioner/Administrator (District Education Authority) Rahim Yar Khan in meeting of all educational manager held on 03-12-2019, following directions were given.

1). All students from grade she to twelve should be able to express/introduce him/herself in English at least ten sentences regarding his/her own personality, name, addresses, aims/ambitions, what they want to become In future (like Doctor, Engineer, Teacher, Scientist/Scholar) etc.

The honorable Deputy Commissioner Rahim Yar Khan will pay surprise school visits from 07th December 2019. During course of his visits, He himself will ask the student for Introduction in English. Students must be confident and fully prepared In this regards.

2). Students must know seven days of the week with their names and spellings.

3). Ensure cleanliness of whole school. No garbage or dust should be In classrooms, galleries and grounds.

4). Washroom should be neat and dean and washed with add and phenyl.

5). No students should be found sitting on ground without furniture.

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