Self House Requisition Scheme Revised Rates 2022 Balochistan

The Government of Balochistan, Services & General ADMN Department (Civil Estate Office) has issued the official notification on 7th February 2022 in connection with Self House Requisition Scheme Revised Rates 2022.

House Requisition Allowance Rates 2022 Balochistan 

The undersigned is directed refer to this Department’s Circular No. CEO(S&GAD)2HR.A Vol-2/2018 dated 12 July, 2018 and to state that Government of Balochistan is pleased to enhance the House Requisition Allowance for the employees (BPS-01 to BPS-22) of Balochistan Civil Secretariat, Chief Minister’s Secretariat, Governor’s Secretariat Provincial Assembly Secretariat, Hon’ble High Court Balochistan, Provincial Ombudsman.

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Balochistan Service Tribunal, Balochistan Public Service Commission and Advocate General Office Balochistan w.e.f 1st January, 2022 as per following rates mentioned against each;

Basic Pay Scale Existing Rates Revised Rates
BPS-1 To BPS-2 Rs. 4881/- Rs. 6833/-
BPS-3 To BPS-6 Rs. 7625/- Rs. 10675/-
BPS-7 To BPS-10 Rs. 11391/- Rs. 15947/-
BPS-11 To BPS-13 Rs. 17183/- Rs. 24056/-
BPS-14 To BPS-16 Rs. 21587/- Rs. 30222/-
BPS-17 To BPS-18 Rs. 28574/- Rs. 40003/-
BPS-19 Rs. 37989/- Rs. 53184/-
BPS-20 Rs. 47709/- Rs. 66792/-
BPS-21 Rs. 57126/- Rs. 79976/-
BPS-22 Rs. 68364/- Rs. 95709/-


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Self House Requisition Scheme Revised Rates 2022 Balochistan

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