Seniority of EPD Employees Consider from Date of Joining

Government of the Punjab, Environment Protection Department (EPD) has issued the Official letter on 11th November, 2019 in connection with seniority of EPD employees consider from date of joining.

writ petition No. 16235/2019 against seniority list of filed assistant (BS-06) despite of seniority list.

I am directed to refer to your letter No. 152/F-163(Gen)/ES-II/EPA/19 dated 21-05-2019 on the subject noted above and to enclose speaking order dully signed by the worthy Secretary, EPD and letter No.SOR-II(S&GAD)3-35/2019 dated 24-10-2019 received from Section Officer (R-II), Regulation Wing, S&GAD.

As per directions of the Competent Authority case was referred to Regulation Wing of S&GAD for advice. Now the Section Officer (R·II), S&GAD has advised this Department as under:·

“The case has been examined and the Regulations Wing, S&GAD observes that for the determination of inter-se-seniority Rules 8 of the Punjab Civil Servants (Appointment & Conditions of Service) Rules, 1974 is to be invoked and the principal of the date of continuous appointment is to be kept in vide. Therefore, the AD is advised as under;”

i). The merit assigned by the Selection Authority is to be given top priority while determining seniority.

ii). The persons selected for appointment in an earlier selection shall rank senior to the persons selected in a later selection.

The date of continuous appointment in the grade shall be kept In view. provided that If the date of continuous appointment in respect of different persons is the same the older if not Junior to be younger persons is the same, the older If not junior to the younger in the next below grade shall rank senior to the younger’s persons.

I am, therefore, directed to request to you take further necessary action to settle the seniority dispute of Field Assistants of EPA strictly as per advice of Regulations Wing, S&GAD and to comply with directions of Lahore High Court Lahore dated 1.9.03:2019 under Intimation to this Department.

Seniority of EPD Employees Consider from Date of Joining

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