Shahbaz Gill Medical Report

The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (FMTI) PIMS, Islamabad has issued the Shahbaz Gill medical report on 17th August 2022. Medical Board examined Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz Shabbir Gill S/O Ch. Nazir Ahmed 42 years old male on 17.08.2022 at 11.00 pm. Patient is a known case of Asthma since childhood and on inhaled bronchodilators when required, now presented with shortness of breath, body aches including Left Shoulder, Back, Neck, right gluteal region and left sided chest pain.

Shahbaz Gill Medical Report During Under Trial Prisoner

In compliance to the orders of Additional District Magistrate, ICT, Islamabad dated 13.08.2022 and with reference to Superintendent Central Jail, Rawalpindi Endorsement No.29945-50 dated 14.08.2022 A meeting of the medical board comprising of the following senior most professors was held today i.e. 17th August, 2022 at 11.00 pm to examine the under trial prisoner Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz Shabbir Gill S/O Ch. Nazir Ahmed 42 years old male:

  1. Prof. Shajee Ahmed Siddiqui. HOD Deptt. of General Medicine – Chairman
  2. Prof. S. H. Waqar, HOD Deptt. of General Surgery – Member
  3. Prof. Lal Rehman, HOD Deptt. of Neurosurgery –Member
  4. Dr. Ali Miraj Shami, HOD Unit-ll Deptt. of Orthopedic Surgery Member

Shahbaz Examination of BP, Chest, ECG, ABGs

  • Patient is apprehensive and tachypneic with vital BP 140/90 mmHg. Pulse 102 b/minute, Temp afebrile, respiratory rate 38 breaths/minute, BSR 141 mg/dL and SPO2 99 % with 5 liters supplemental oxygen.
  • On chest examination, there is an audible wheeze with moderate bronchospasm. Abdominal examination is unremarkable. There is soft tissue tenderness on deep palpation of left proximal arm, right gluteal region, right sacroiliac joint and lumbosacral junction. There is full range of motion of left shoulder but painful. There is no neurological deficit.
  • Immediate ECG and ABGs were done. ABGs with oxygen shows respiratory alkalosis with pH 7.70 CO2 12.0 mmHg HCO3 14.8. ECG shows sinus tachycardia with no ST-T changes.

Shahbaz Gill Medial Board Advised More Investigations

Keeping in view of his clinical condition Medical Board advised following investigations:

  1. Cardiac markers
  2. Blood CBC. Serum Electrolytes, Blood sugars. LFTS, RFTS, PT, APTT
  3. Urine R/E
  4. Muscle enzymes.
  5. X-ray chest PA view.
  6. X-ray cervical spine AP & lateral views
  7. X-ray lumbosacral spine AP & lateral views
  8. X-rays left shoulder AP & Y lateral views
  9. X-ray left humerous AP & lateral views
  10. X-ray pelvis with both hip joints AP view

Conclusion of Shahbaz Gill Medical Report 

The Medical Board unanimously conclude that patient need monitoring and assessment by Cardiologist and Pulmonologist for further management plan. The patient may need further investigations if required.

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Shahbaz Gill Medical Report

Shahbaz Gill Medical Report During Under Trial Prisoner

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