Show Cause Notice Employee Misconduct & Corruption in BISP

Government of Pakistan, Benazir Income Support Programme has issued the official Notification letter on 30th December, 2019 in connection with show cause notice employee misconduct & corruption in BISP.

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Whereas, you Mr Muhammad Nouman Zaheem, Assistant Director BISP Tehsil Office Paroa, DI Khan Division has committed following acts of omission and commission constituting “Misconduct” and “Corruption” within the meaning of Rule 2(4) and b(b&c) of Government Servant (E&D) Rules 1973:–

(i). You Joined BISP as a contract employee on 1-7-2011 and subsequently managed to get fraudulently enrolled your wife, Mst Mehwish Sherani bearing CNIC No 1210109278004, as BISP beneficiary on 15-9-2011 leading to the withdrawal of Un-Conditional and Conditional Cash Grant to the amount of Rs.130374/- (Rupees One Hundred Thirty Thousand Three Hundred Seventy Four).

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(ii). You have been involved in embezzlement/ misappropriation of above “amount which has resulted in loss to the Government Exchequer/ Funds”.

(iii). At no stage, did you inform BISP Management of your conflict of interest in having a beneficiary in your household?

And Whereas, the undersigned, in my capacity as Authorized Officer, is of the considered view that sufficient material is available on record to establish the Charges referred in Para-I above, therefore, in terms of Rule 5(1) (iii) of the Rules ibid, the undersigned dispense with the inquiry.

Therefore, you, Mr Muhammad Nouman Zaheem, Assistant Director BISP Tehsil Office Paroa, are called upon to Show Cause, in writing within 10 (ten) days from the date of receipt of this Show Cause Notice, as to why one or more penalties, including the recovery of aforesaid embezzled amount and major penalty ofDismissal from Service“, as provided in Rule 4(1)(b)(iv) of the Rules ibid, may not be imposed upon you on the basis of above charges. You are at the same time directed to indicate whether you desire to be heard in person, by the undersigned, or otherwise.

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In case no reply is received within the specific period, it would be presumed that you have no defence to offer or you declined to offer the same & accept the charges against show cause notice employee misconduct & corruption and  in that case against you shall be taken ex-parte, on the basis of available record.

Show Cause Notice Employee Misconduct

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