Sindh Govt Fixes Flour 10 Kg Price @ 65 [Subsidy Scheme 2023]

The Sindh Government has taken an initiative of fixes Flour price of Rs. 65 for 10 Kg to provide subsidized rate according to the subsidy scheme 2023. The Government of Sindh has set up more than 1,100 stalls stalls across all cities of the province to provide high-quality flour in 10kg bags at a subsidized rate of Rs.65 per kg. The concession stalls across the province has been created for provision of subsidized flour.

The Government of Sindh is resolute in its mission to supply high-quality flour at a discounted price to bring relief to the people of Sindh. All the people of Sindh are being informed to visit your nearby flour concession stalls in open market and Bachat Bazars at Rs. 65 Per Kg.

Sindh Govt Announces Flour Prices Under Subsidy Scheme 2023 Initiatives

Alhamdulillah, the Government of Sindh has abundant wheat, and the promise of providing high-quality flour at a discount will continue till March 2023.

  • Flour is supplied in open markets, Bachat Bazaars, and several concession stalls at Rs. 65 per kg.
  • As per the subsidy scheme, a bag of 10 kg flour is sold for Rs. 650.
  • The Government of Sindh has subsidized flour by Rs. 45 per kg.

Food Department’s Initiatives:

  • The Food Department has sufficient stock to fulfill the demand for flour till March 2023.
  • 476,000 metric tons of wheat were released from Sep to Nov 2022.
  • 233 Flour Mills and 4,500 Chakkis in all districts of Sindh are supplying flour at a subsidized price.
  • More than 565,000 flour bags of 10 kg are being supplied daily.
  • More than 1,100 sale points, Bachat Bazaars, and shops have been established throughout the province.
  • 233 Mill Fair Shops have been established at flour mill locations.
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Sindh Govt Fixes Flour Price

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