Sindh Healthcare Commission Quality Care for All

The Sindh Health Care Commission (SHCC), established under the Sindh Healthcare Commission Act-2013, has a mandate to improve and regulate the quality of health care service delivery to the province of Sindh.

Under Section 22 (2) of the SHCC Act-2013,”Any inspection team may inspect a Healthcare Establishment.

(a) at the time of issuance and renewal of License.

(b) on receipt of a complaint”

Under Section 39(1) of the Regulation 2017 of SHCC, “The Anti-Quackery Team shall have the powers to

(a) Inspect any Healthcare Establishment”

Under Section 28(2) of the Regulation-2017 of SHCC, “U/S 25, The Commission may Impose a fine which may extend to fifty thousand rupees on a person who obstructs, hinders or impedes an inspection Team in the performance of its function or execution of its duty.”

Any SHCC official visiting Healthcare Establishments (HCEs’), will always be carrying official Identity Card / Authority letters. In case of any suspicious / unauthorized visit on behalf of SHCC at any Healthcare Establishments (HCEs’). please contact us at our Toll Free No or visit us at our head office.

Join hands with the SHCC to ensure quality Healthcare Services in the province of Sindh.

Help Line: 0800 07 422

Sindh Healthcare Commission Quality Care for All

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