Single National Curriculum Training of Teachers Across Punjab 2021

Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development, Government of the Punjab, School Education Department has issued the official notification on 5th May, 2021 in connection with Single National Curriculum Training of Teachers Across Punjab 2021.

Single National Curriculum in Punjab 2021

Single National Curriculum (SNC) initiative is the firm commitment of Government of Pakistan (GoP) and School Education Department (SED) to bring reforms in the education system, Province Punjab intends to take lead to implement this initiative. SNC is aimed to embed learning harmony, co existence, skill development to compete national and international market and holistic development of all children in their formative years regardless of their social economic status.

This program is worth of millions with clear standards for equitable and provision of quality training on SNC including genuine learning experience. The Government of Punjab (GoP) recognizes that institutionalizing and investing in SNC implementation through training not only can help to achieve its Education Goals including improved access, equity, learning outcomes, students retention and transition but also fortifies the GoP’s effort towards meeting Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 4, that is, ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.

The Quaid e Azam Academy for Educational Development (QAED) being an ISO (9001:2015) certified training institute shares the responsibility with other stake holders; School Education Department (SED) to map out training on Single National Curriculum (SNC) for all educational personnel especially teachers from government sector across the Punjab. So far, it is a matter of great satisfaction that this program is being implemented successfully.

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However, Sere is a room for support and improvement for an effective implementation to achieve set benchmark regarding SNC training of Primary School Teachers at field. At present, QAED intends to train more than (4) lac public and private primary level teachers in blended approach, online or face to face while considering the outbreak of third wave of COVID-19 emergency. The selection of 1716 MTS from public and private sector is under way at concerned district QAEDs: Scrutiny of applications and display the list of shortlisted candidates w.e.f 17-05-2021 to 19-05-2021 and interview dates are w.e.f 20-05-2021 to 25-05-2021.

Single National Curriculum Training of Teachers Across Punjab 2021

Therefore, keeping the importance of this assignment in view including assurance of transparency in selection process of Master Trainers ( MTs), at district level your concern is invited to the following requests:

  1. “The Chief Executive Officers (DEAs) may be directed to keep a close liaison with district QAED heads to strengthen training program for its successful implementation
  2. They may also be directed to ensure to nominate subject experts for interview selection committee as per approved parameters of this program. Committee notification is appended herewith.
  3. Your cooperation in this regard will be a great support to strengthen the SNC training program towards success and meet the targets assigned by both Federal and Provincial Governments.

Single National Curriculum in Punjab 2021

A Committee comprising of the following members is hereby constituted for selection of Master Trainers (MTs) (1716) for upcoming training on Single National Curriculum (SNC) across the Punjab.

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S No. Designation Work As
1 District QAED Heads Convener
2 Senior Subject Specialists (SSS) / Subject Specialists (SS) / Education Officer (E.O) Secretary
3 Validated Trainers of School Leadership Development Programme (SLDP) / International School Award (ISA) Member
4 Any other expert from public sector co-opted by Committee of Member BS-18 and above (outside QAED) Member

TORs For Security / Selection of Master Trainers (MTs)

  1. Dates for the submission of online applications for the post of Master Trainers (MTS) IS extended till 07-05-2021 (Friday);
  2. Entire online applications against each district can be accessed through a link provided by Data Center of QAED
  3. District QAED heads will be responsible to scrutinize eligible candidates and uploading the final list of shortlisted candidates for interviews up-to 19-05-2021 ( Wednesday) while considering five (05) candidates against vacancy position of each subject;
  4. The Committee will select Master Trainers (MTs) per tehsils as per subject wise vacancy position against concerned districts(already shared) while considering the selection criteria laid down by QA Wing of Provisional QAED;
  5. The committee will select 50% Master Trainers (MTs) from Public Sector and 50% from Private Sector. However, if competent trainer isn’t available then it may be selected from other group:
  6. The Committee will also keep a reserve pool of MTs in order to meet inevitable circumstances.
  7. The committee will be responsible for selection of subject based Master Trainers(MTS) w.e.f 20-05-2021 to 25-05-2021 and to upload list of selected candidates on social page, whatsapp etc. on 26-05-2021 (Wednesday);
  8. After selection of MTs, QAED heads will share the final list of selected MTs district wise to Data Center of Provincial QAED on 26-05-2021 (Wednesday) and will intimate to all selectees and reserve pool candidates:
  9. District QAED Heads and Education Officers (E.Os) will ensure the selection of Master Trainers (MTs) in a transparent way.

TORs For Security Selection of Master Trainers (MTs)

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