SIS APP Updates 2021

Dear teachers, you are informed that the current version 5.3.1 of SIS App has been updated on Google Play Store. Update the latest version of the android SIS app in their mobile and school tab as some changes have been made in it.

SIS Punjab App 2021 – Updated On (04-01-2021)

Install the SIS Punjab app in your school tab and android mobile. Two new options have been added in this update.

1). Cadre:

The first option is designated to the Cadre in which the General will be set for all teachers except for the teachers who are performing their duties in MC schools then the MC will be set.

2). Deputation

The second option is deputation in which “No” is written but if any of teacher has been or are being deputed in another department then he/she will say “Yes“.

Otherwise, few changes have been made in Registration for foreign national students in the update of SIS App.

Download SIS Punjab 2021 App

SIS APP Updates 2021


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