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SIS Punjab Teachers Verification of Vacant Posts

Government of the Punjab School Education Department (Monitoring Wing) has issued the Official Notification letter on 05 September, 2019 in the mater of SIS Punjab Teachers Verification of Vacant Posts.

It has been observed through the teachers reservations that all vacant posts have not been shown for provision of options for adjustment / E-Transfer. It has been decided that all CEOs, DEAs are required to verify the vacant posts of each school as per sanctioned / SNE post, as detailed below:-

Correction in the posts of school

i). Correction in scale of posts of school as per identification of posts issued by the School Education Department

ii) Correction in post of Subject Specialist (Scale wise/subject wise)

iii) Correction in personal scale of the incumbent

iv) Addition / deletion of the post where required as per budget book

In this regard, all CEOs, DEAs are again provided EDIT option for verification of posts shown by Heads of schools through School Information System (SIS) on 08-09-2019 till 11-09-2019. The CEO, DEA concerned shall also identify those heads who added wrong data consciously to get any benefit and also called upon explanation to find out reasons about the wrong entry of data.

Moreover, after due verification of documents, the CEO, DEA shall also be able to extend Joining date of teacher who could not Join due to expiry of Joining period.

You are therefore, directed to edit and verify the school post (scale wise/subject wise) as per sanctioned post and SNE post. After verification by CEOs, DEAs, no excuse shall be accepted from the concern CEO, DEAs.

Verification of Posts Available on SIS-School Information System.


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