SMOG Alert for Public/Private Educational Institutes of Khanewal

Office of the Chief Executive Officer, District Education Authority, Khanewal has issued the official Notification letter on 15th November, 2019 in connection with SMOG alert for public/private educational institutes of Khanewal.

Mixture of dust particles, smoke, fog and pollutants in air cause production of SMOG. Keeping in view the current prevailing weather/climate/smog in Pakistan the School Education Department, Govt. of Punjab vide letter No. SO(A-1)2-3/2019 dated 13th November, 2019 directed to ensure compliance of given below instructions in public and private sector schools in true letter and spirit.

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1). No outdoor sports / activity be performed/observed by schools un-necessarily.

2). It may be ensured that all students wear mask while present in the school during smog.

3). Arrange at-least one awareness sessions during assembly/classroom on the topic of smog, air quality, impact of environment (smog) on health of human being and preventive measures during smog. Submit pictorial evidence of sessions through proper channel to authority.

4). Display posters/banners/flexes in schools/classrooms to aware students about smog prevention.

Moreover, All Head Teachers of Public and Private Schools are directed to ensure awareness of smog preventive measures to students and teachers through banner/poster display of these given below instruction in schools and classrooms:

1) Drink safe and healthy water as much as one can.

2) Ensure use of mask while traveling or moving anywhere.

3) Wash eyes with clean water in case of itching or irritation in eyes.

4) Visit to your nearest Doctor in case if eyes become red due to itching.

5) Don’t touch your eyes, nose and mouth with dirty hands for rubbing or during itching.

6) Keep your hands neat and clean every time.

7) Do special care of younger babies, aged people and patients of allergy and asthma.

8) Don’t Burn litter or waste material in your surroundings.

9) Keep Windows and doors of classrooms closed during smog season in school hours.

10) Ensure that Students/Teachers use helmet/glasses while driving Bike/Bicycle during smog season.

SMOG Alert for PublicPrivate Educational Institutes of Khanewal

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