Social Security Welfare Scheme For Labourers 2021 Sindh

Sindh Government has announced social security welfare scheme for labourers 2021 revolutionary initiatives of the peoples democratic Government for the welfare. Sindh Employees Social Security Institution (SESSI) was established on 1st July 1970, due to efforts of then Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

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Under Social Security Scheme, the labourers and their family members are entitled of following financial benefits.

  1. Financial assistance for illness
  2. Compensation of the delivery (maternity)
  3. Financial assistance on death
  4. Financial assistance on Idat
  5. Disability grant
  6. Pension on disability
  7. Pension for heirs
  8. Special financial assistance

Beside providing financial assistance, Sindh Social Security provides medical facilities to labourers and their families. For providing medical facilities, under Sindh Social Security, 43 dispensaries, 5 hospitals and 5 medical centres are functioning across the province.

Beside this, for the treatment of those diseases for which wards in SESSI hospitals are not furnished, such diseases are treated in other private and public hospitals with the prior permission of the concerned heads.

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Under Social Security Scheme, in first phase, an industrial unit or commercial unit is registered under Social Security Act. Later, the labourers of the said institution are registered so that the labourers of maximum number of institutions can get medical and monetary benefits.

In Social Security Scheme, the role of the employers is very important. On one hand they pay contribution to meet out the expenses of the scheme and the other hand, they get their employees registered for scheme benefits.

Basically it is the scheme of the employers. In which Social Security plays the role of the management and the labourers are getting those benefits which are to be provided to them by the employers and the government.

All over the world, Social Security Scheme is running successfully because it covers the fundamental human rights. For protected labourers of the institution and their families, during current fiscal year 2020-21, Rs. 12 crore, 30 lacs and 42 thousands are being spent on their financial assistance while in term of medical expenses, Rs. 4 billion, 76 crore, 71 lacs and 89 thousands are being spent.

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In short it can be said safely that Sindh Social Security has a unique position among service providing institutions. This institution has spread a network of medical facilities through 43 dispensaries. 5 medical centres and 5 hospitals across the province in order to provide better health care facilities to the labourers and their families.


Another Promise Committed to Labourers By SMBB is Fulfilled. Now every Labour will be safe & protected. In case of labour death, the widow gets salary in Idat period.

In case of illness, the labour also gets cash financial assistance.

In all big cities of the province, the hospitals, dispensaries and medical centres of SESSI are working, they are providing medical facilities to every registered labour.

CT Scan, modern laboratories and ventilators are available in these medical centres. For patients suffering from Covid-19, an isolation center has also been established.

In collaboration with Sindh Health Department, Covid vaccination center has also been established for labourers.

After the death of the labour, pension is paid to legally entitled heir. Government of Sindh is ahead to serve the people of Sindh – Your welfare is our aim.

Social Security Welfare Scheme For Labourers 2021 Sindh

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