SOPs For Distribution of UREA Fertilizer

The Punjab Govt, Agriculture Department has issued the official notification on 23rd December 2021 in connection with SOPs For Distribution of UREA Fertilizer. The further details are given below;

Notification on Distribution of UREA Fertilizer

Considering the difficulties faced in supply of Urea to the farmers, the following SOP’s are circulated for strict compliance;

  1. All fertilizer dealers shall distribute total fertilizer in presences of the representatives of district/ tehsil administration and Agriculture Department.
  2. Fertilizer shall be distributed only from 09:00 am to 05:00p.m. No fertilizer shall be sold by the dealers alter 05:00p.m.
  3. Fertilizer shall be sold openly @ Rs. 1768 per 50 Kg Bag
  4. Criminal proceeding shall be initiated against the fertilizer dealers found involved in sale of fertilizer at night or in absence of district/tehsil administration and Agriculture Department.

SOPs For Distribution of UREA Fertilizer

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