SOPs for Paper Marking 2021

Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Multan has issued the official Notification letter on 25th June, 2020 in connection with sops for paper marking.

Paper Marking SOPs 2021

In the light of the directions from Higher Education Department, Punjab, it is hereby informed that during the Marking of SSC Annual Examination, 2020, the following precautionary measures must be taken in true letter and spirit.

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  1. The selected Halls In designated centres should be spacious and well ventilated.
  2. The seating arrangements of Examiners must ensure spatial distance of 6 feet. No two person should be allowed facing each other across the table.
  3. The designated centres must have functional toilet and hand washing facility with essentially required supplies including Soap, tissues and paper towels.
  4. Regular cleanliness and disinfection of toilets and commonly used shared places should be ensured.
  5. Proper waste collection arrangements should be ensured for designated centres.
  6. Examiners selected for the central marking preferable be of age less than 50 years and should not be having any unstable chronic disease.
  7. The mechanism should be in place for temperature recording and symptoms monitoring at designated centres for entire paper marking period. Any person who develops symptoms should immediately be Isolated and referred to nearest hospital for further assessment.
  8. An orientation session of the engaged examiners on precautionary measure while on workplace should be organized educate them and enhance their knowledge on disease prevention.
  9. Staff engaged in paper distribution should use gloves and medical mask.
  10. Proper use and disposal of masks and gloves should be ensured by imparting practical demonstrations through respective
    District Health Authority.
  11. Ensure infection prevention Protocols (hand sanitization) for Inter-Examiner paper sharing.
  12. Examiners shall not share pen or personal use items including food utensils, pots, cell phones etc. with their colleagues.
  13. Two examiner colleagues shall not share motor bike for commuting to or from the marking centres.
  14. Floor and other common use surfaces like furniture, table, door handles etc. must be cleaned with detergent or bleach solution frequently Waste Collection bins with bags must be provided to collect use masks or gloves and the collected waste should be disposed-off by following burn and burry principle.
  15. Each examiner shall be provided with personal use alcohol-based sanitizer which will not be shared with the colleagues to avoid external surface sharing.
  16. COVID-19 prevention precautionary measures should be displayed in the paper marking centres at prominent places. Additional IEC materials like videos on mask and gloves donning doffing, hand washing
    steps, surface cleaning procedure and social distancing shall be provided to the examiners.
  17. lt is further reiterated that the Marking Centre must have the CCTV Cameras as per directions of the Authority.
  18. Compliance to the recommended COVID-19 precautionary measures shall be monitored by Higher Education Department as well as Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department and Board Authorities.

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