Special Allowance For IOTA Punjab

Inspectorate of Treasuries & Accounts, Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued the official notification on 27th January 2022 in connection with Special Allowance For IOTA Punjab.

Grant of Special Allowance 2021 For IOTA Punjab Employees

I am directed to refer to Finance Department notification bearing No. FD.SR.V.3-1/2021 dated 07-07-2021 wherein Special Allowance was sanctioned to employees of Punjab Government who are not in receipt of any cadre / service specific allowance.

I am further directed to state that vide Para 4 of the referred letter the concerned DDO, Accountant General Punjab and concerned District accounts Officer was made personally responsible for ensuring payment of special allowance to eligible employees only but despite clear instructions of the Finance Department, it has been observed with grave concern that your offices have made payment to employees not entitled to receive Special Allowance.

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Foregoing in view, I am directed to request you to submit your reply by tomorrow before close of office hours that how payments were made to employees not eligible to receive special allowance in contradiction of Finance Department referred notification. It may also be clarified in reply that whether DDOs submitted “Chang Form / Pay-02 Forms” for grant of special allowance or special allowance was sanctioned without Change Forms.

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Special Allowance For IOTA Punjab

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