Punjab Govt Announces 50% Special Allowance For Special Teachers

The Special Education Department of Punjab Government has recently issued the latest notification on 31st October 2022 in connection with 50% special allowance on initial basic pay (BPS-2017) per month to all the employees of teaching and non-teaching faculty of SED department.

Special Allowance @50 on Initial BPS-17 For Special Education Department Punjab

No. SO(B&D)5-1/2009 Vol-II. In pursuance of the approval of Chief Minister and in continuation of order Nos.SO(B&D)10-2/2004 dated 21.02.2004 & 01.02.2005 read with para-9 of Finance Department’s letter No.FD.PC.2-1/2011 dated 11.07.2011 & para-6(ii) of Finance Department’s letter No.FD.PC.2-1/2017 dated 14.07.2017, sanction is hereby accorded to revise the rates of Special Allowance @50% of initial of BPS-2017 per month to the employees (Teaching & Non-Teaching) of Special Education Department w.e.f. 18.10.2022.

Eligibility Criteria For 50% Special Allowance 2022-23

The said allowance will not be admissible to the following;

  1. Officers/Officials under suspension.
  2. Officers/Officials who have been made OSDs or who have been directed to report to the Special Education Department on the charges of inefficiency /misconduct or indiscipline.
  3. When Officer/Official is on leave for 90 days & above, extra ordinary leave, study leave or training abroad.
  4. Those who are not working in Special Education Department.
  5. The referred allowance will not be counted towards pension and commutation/gratuity.
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Punjab Govt Announces 50% Special Allowance For Special Teachers

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