Special Counsel Robert Hur Defends Explosive Report on Biden’s Handling of Classified Files

Special Counsel Robert Hur Defends Explosive Report on Biden's Handling of Classified Files
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In a heated session before the House Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill, Special Counsel Robert Hur staunchly defended his recent report on President Joe Biden’s management of classified documents. The report, released last month, delved into how such files from Biden’s tenure as vice-president found their way into a Washington office and a garage alongside his sports car in Delaware.

Hur, facing questioning from Congress, stood firm on his assessment of Biden’s memory, which he characterized as “poor” in the report, claiming it to be “accurate and fair.” Despite finding that Biden “wilfully” retained classified materials, Hur refrained from pursuing criminal charges against the president.

The age of President Biden, seeking reelection for a second term, has emerged as a focal point of concern. Hur’s report exacerbated the situation, asserting that a jury would view Biden as a “well-meaning, elderly man” with a “poor memory,” drawing ire from the White House and fueling worries among voters about Biden’s fitness for office.

In his prepared opening remarks, shared hours before the congressional hearing, Hur emphasized the relevance of detailing issues with the president’s memory, stating it was crucial to his decision not to bring charges. He asserted, “My assessment in the report about the relevance of the president’s memory was necessary and accurate and fair.”

Hur clarified that he did not intend to “disparage the president” but was obligated to elucidate his reasoning to the U.S. Attorney General. He contended that such issues were routinely analyzed by prosecutors.

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The February report alleged that Biden struggled to recall significant events from his vice-presidential tenure, including the timing of his term’s commencement and his son Beau’s death. While the transcript of the report, released just before the hearing, showed Biden remembering the month and date of Beau’s death, it revealed struggles with recalling the year.

During the two-day interview with the special counsel, Biden displayed a mix of good recall and forgetfulness. While joking and interacting well with the prosecutor, he had difficulty recalling details, such as who packed his documents and the logistics of their transportation.

Republicans, echoing concerns about Biden’s mental acuity, criticized both the report and Hur’s decision not to press charges. They drew comparisons with charges filed against former President Donald Trump, with a potential trial scheduled for the summer. Hur argued that distinctions existed between the two cases, citing “serious aggravating facts” in the allegations against Trump.

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The report’s aftermath saw President Biden vehemently refuting claims of memory issues, asserting, “I’m well-meaning, and I’m an elderly man, and I know what the hell I’m doing.” Hur’s testimony sheds light on the intricacies of his decision-making process and the ongoing debate surrounding the president’s fitness for office.

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