Special Message on National Working Women’s Day Pakistan WDD Sindh

Office of the Minister Women Development Department, Government of sindh has issued the special message of the day through Dawn Newspaper on 22 December, 2019 in connection with National working Women’s Day Pakistan WDD Sindh.

Women have proven that they can shoulder any kind of responsibility with ease and aplomb. The role of women today is something that varies significantly across the world. The unwavering perseverance & commitment of women in judicious execution of their duty at workplace is laudable.

The number of women joining the workforce has increased In the last few years which is why the government has made ‘extraordinary strides toward workplace equality and legislated a law to protect women against sexual harassment at the workplace.

I am glad to note that the Provincial Ombudsman “The Protection Against Harassment At Work’place” is committed to provide safe & congenial working environment to specially women at their workplace, thus enabling them to put their all out efforts for the betterment of the economy and the nation as a whole.

This special day is a call out for everyone to stand up for the equality & freedom of women and shun gender discrimination, sexual harassment, abuse, oppression and exploitation against them.

We must strive to remove all the barriers that confront women to walk shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts.

National Working Women's Day Pakistan

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