Special Quota System in Punjab Govt Jobs 2024

As we know that all the Punjab Government Jobs 2024 have special quota system for disable persons, women, children of retired Govt employees, Children of deceased civil servants and minorities.

Special Quota System in Government Jobs 2024 Pakistan

(i) The following quotas already provided under various notifications shall continue to be observed for appointments on contract basis:

(a) 2% quota for disabled persons, as prescribed vide Notification No. SOR-III-2-86/97 dated 28.02.1999.

(b) 5% quota for women as prescribed vide Notification No. SOR-III-1-35/93 dated 17.04.2002.

(c) 20% quota of posts in BS-1 to 5 for the children of serving/retired Government employees in BS-1 to 5, as prescribed vide Notification No. SOR-III-1-22/90 dated 01.09.1993.

(d) 5% quota for minorities.

Explanation: The posts reserved for quotas mentioned above are to be filled only at the time of making general recruitment through advertisement, under the Recruitment Policy. If general recruitment against any category of posts is being made on contract basis appointments against above-mentioned quotas shall also be made on contract basis.

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(ii) The provision of rule 17-A of the Punjab Civil Servants (Appointment & Conditions of Service) Rules, 1974 and the relevant instructions/guidelines issued in this behalf from time to time shall be applicable mutatis mutandis for employment of one of the unemployed children, wife/widow of a civil servant who dies while in service or is declared invalidated/incapacitated, under this policy.

Explanation: The nature of employment so provided shall be dependent on the mode of recruitment viz. contract or regular, as may be decided by the Government in respect of a particular post. The instructions issued vide S&GAD letter No. SOR-III-242/92(P-III), dated 15.11.2003 shall stand withdrawn with immediate effect.

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