Special Relief for Electricity Consumers during Winter in Pakistan

PTI Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Energy, Power Division (MOWP) has taken another special relief package for the consumers of Electricity during winter season. The relief has basically three categories are listed below;


Relief on the consumption of less than 300 units.


Up to 95% Commercial consumers relieved


Relief of 29 Billion rupees

Lowest Rate for Additional Units

Introduction of a new pricing structure for the domestic, commercial and industrial consumers. If a user consumes additional electricity than what was consumed last year in the months of November to February, every additional unit will be charged at flat rate of Rs. 11.97.

For Example:- If your last year November, 2018 Bill units was 800 but the units of November 2019 have 1200 then the underlying formula will be implemented;

Consumption Equivalent to previous year [ 800 × Rs 15.96/22.28 (Present Rate) ]

Additional unit consumption [ 400 × Rs 11.97 (Discount Rate) ]

These rates are being charged as per the flowing details:

Tariff Category

Current Rate/Tariff New Rate for Additional Units

Per Unit Reduction

Domestic (5KW and more) -TOU

From 15.96 to 22.28 Rs. 11.97 Upto Rs. 10.31
Commercial (Less than 5KW) -TOU From 18.26 to 24.23 Rs. 11.97

Upto Rs. 12.26

Industrial (B1,B2,B3, B4)

(From 15.51 to 15.91) to (From 21.41 to 21.47) Rs. 11.97

Upto Rs. 9.5

53.7% saving on the consumption of additional units

For further details: Please call 118 or visit our website: www.mowp.gov.pk

Special Relief for Electricity Consumers during Winter in Pakistan

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