Stoppage of Salary of Ghost Employees 2020

Government of the Punjab Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department has issued the official Notification letter on 17th, January 2020 in connection with stoppage of salary of ghost employees Health Department Punjab.

It has been brought in the notice of Competent Authority / Secretary, Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department that there are a number of ghost employees in the District Health Authorities across the Punjab, who are illegally drawing their salaries on one pretext or another.

Therefore, in order to avoid financial burden of ghost employees on the Public Exchequer, the Competent Authority Secretary, Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department has desired that salaries of 213 ghost employees may be suspended from active payroll on the following charges (list of employees attached at Annex-A)-

(i). Withdrawal of salary after retirement.

(ii). illegal withdrawal of stipend by House Officer as no bio-metric record/ attendance report is available in the respective Health facility.

(iii). illegal and unjustified reimbursement of salaries from more than one health facility at a time (i.e. from different CNIC numbers).

(iv). The reimbursement of salaries from the account of dead employees without creation of OSD post as per rules.

(v). Absence from the duty/ unavailability of bio-metric record since long.

(vi). Working on the general duty at different health facilities without approval of Competent Authority and absence from duty from both health facilities (i.e. original place of posting and place of General duty).

(vii). Illegal withdrawal of salaries after expiry of leave on full pay / Ex-Pakistan Leave.

(viii). Proceeding on leave on full pay / Ex-Pakistan Leave without approval of the Competent Authority.

(ix). Employees working on adhoc basis but on the expiry of  adhoc period, the employees are still illegally Drawing their salaries.

(x). Employees Working / attached with different offices of the District Health Authorities and drawing their salaries (i.e. employees working in the Chief Executive Officers. DHOs, DDHOs etc) but they are either absent from their duties or their record is unavailable.

(xi). Employees who proceeded on LPR but are still illegally drawing their salaries after expiry of the tenure of regular service.

(xii). Employees transferred from one place of posting to other and are still drawing their salaries from previous place of posting.

Therefore, you are requested to stoppage of salary of  ghosts employees on the charges mentioned above with immediate effect to avoid undue/excess financial burden on the Public Exchequer.

Stoppage of Salary of Ghost Employees 2020 Stoppage of Salary

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