Study Leave Rules For Teachers in Punjab

If you are a teacher working in School Education Department, Punjab and looking for study leave rules then you can find here the exact information. Mostly the query is asked from me about the rules and regulation for teaching staff about how much leave can you apply through study leave policy.

Study Leave Rules For Teachers – Questions and Answers

Here are given some answers of your questions which can be definitely more helpful for you;


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Q-1. How much study leave can avail any teacher ?

Ans: Study leave is granted for a maximum 2 years

Q-2. Is study leave part of annual leave ?

Ans: Study leave may be granted as additional leave to Government Servants

Q-3. Can we apply for Study Leave before 5 years Service ?

Ans: Study leave should not be granted to Government servants who have less than five years’ service.Such leave shall not be granted to Government servants three years of the date of superannuation or the date of which they have the option of retiring.

Q-4. Is study leave without pay or Full Pay ?

Ans: Study leave is on half pay in an entire service.

This leave is granted to study scientific, technical or similar problems, or in order to undertake special courses of instructions.

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The rules shall apply to the Departments of Health, Forestry & Wildlife, Agriculture, Education, Communication and Works, Industries & Mineral Development, Irrigation and Power, Livestock and Dairy Development, Housing, Physical & Environment Planning Department and Labour Department.

Study Leave Rules For Teachers in Punjab

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  1. did non teaching staff case apply study leave. BS-01 to BS-16
    that leave on full pay or half pay?
    that leave how many days/years?
    Punjab HED Dapartment Ruls.


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