Submission of Time Scale Promotion Cases

Directorate of Public Instruction (SE), Punjab Lahore has issued the official Notification letter on 31st October, 2019 in connection with submission of time scale promotion cases.

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The cases received from your offices regarding time scale promotion of officers of BS-17 and above, have been examined by the notified Time Scale Promotion Committee and observed that the most of the cases are received without attested copy of attached documents i.e.

i) Promotion orders

ii) Joining Report

iii) Pay slip

iv) CNIC

A copy of revised proforma is attached herewith as well. You are, therefore, directed to observe following instructions while submitting the subject cases to this Directorate:-

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i) All attached documents must be attested by the DEO (SE) concerned.

ii) Forwarding letterhead of institution with No. & date, must be attached with the case.

iii) Punishment order should also be attached, if any.

Submission of Time Scale Promotion Cases

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