Summary Utility Allowance Punjab Civil Secretariat 2019-20

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued the official Notification letter in connection with grant of utility allowance for officials/officers working in Punjab Civil Secretariat 2019-20.

Punjab Civil Secretariat is the newer center of Government of the Punjab. The functions of all Administrative Departments are are directed and monitored from the Civil Secretariat. The Provincial Cabinet, in its 15th meeting held on 20th July, 2019, vide Decision No. 09 (ii), decided as under (Annex-A).

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“It was also decided to approve, in principle, the enhancement of Utility Allowance at double than its existing rates for all employees in BS-01 to BS-16 and PS/Superintendents working in BS-17 working in Punjab Civil Secretariat. However, Finance Department be given time to work out the details of this proposal and present the case to the Standing Committee of the cabinet on Finance and Development for approval which if approved would be applicable w.e.f. 01-07-2019.”

In view of the above, it is proposed that permission to submit the case before the Standing Committee of the Cabinet on Finance and Development may be granted to allow the following rates of Utility Allowance to the employee working in Punjab civil Secretariat as under:-


BPS Existing Utility Allowance         (Per Month)

Enhanced Rates of Utility Allowance (Per Month)


01-08 Rs. 3,000/- Rs. 6,000/-
2 09-14 Rs. 4,000/-

Rs. 8,000/-


15 Rs. 5,000/- Rs. 10,000/-
4 16, Private Secretaries & Superintendents (BS-17) Rs. 7,000/-

Rs. 14,000/-

The financial implications of the enhanced rates of the Utility Allowance would be approximately Rs. 346.560 million per annum (Annex-B).

Tho terms and conditions of admissibility of Utility Allowance contained in Finance Department’s letter No. FD.SR-I/9-14/2002(P), dated 31-07-2017 (Annex-C) will remain the same.

Keeping in view the limited physical space available with Government of the Punjab, the Administrative Departments will meet the demand for additional funds from within their existing Non-Development budget for the financial year 2019-20, through re-appropriate or 2nd Statement of excess and surrender.

Chief Minister may like to approve the proposals contained in Paras 2-5/ante with the request to place the same before the Standing Committee of the Cabinet on Finance & Development.

The financial implications of the proposal would be approximately Rs. 346.6 million per annum. The demand for additional funds would be met with from the allocated budget of the Administrative Departments for the FY 2019-20. It is added that it would be a static expenditure without any linkages with the basic pay of the employees and would not increase with any increase in basic pay through annual increments or introduction of new pay scales.

Moreover, being an allowance increase in Utility Allowance would not count for any pension calculations and no additional liabilities would be incurred for future.

Keeping the foregoing in view, proposed at Para-6/ante is resubmitted for consideration please.

Chief minister has seen and is pleased to desire that the matter may bee placed before the Standing Committee of the Cabinet on Finance & Development for consideration. and recommendations thereof be submitted for his information/orders.

Summary Utility Allowance Punjab Civil Secretariat 2019-20Punjab Civil Secretariat 2019-20

Grant of Utility Allowance Punjab Civil Secretariat 2019-20 Utility Allowance 2019-20

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