Suspension of AEO due to Absent from Duty at Quarantine Center

Office of the Chief Executive Officer, District Education Officer, Faisalabad has issued the official Notification letter on 27th March, 2020 in connection with suspension of AEO due to absent from duty at Quarantine Center.

Mr. Yasir Iqbal Assistant Education Officer (M-EE), Markaz Gatwala-Il, Faisalabad was deputed to perform his duty at Quarantine Center University of Agriculture PARAS Campus Faisalabad by worthy Deputy Commissioner Faisalabad vide letter No. 9/58/ADCG/SG/1924 dated 22.03.2020.

As reported by Shift Incharge District Education Officer [Special Education), Faisalabad and vetted / endorsed by District Education Officer (M-EE), Faisalabad vide letter No. 1907 dated 27.03.2020. He was found absent from duty with effect from 26.03.2020 to date. Furthermore he refused to perform his duty.

This is serious negligence, inefficiency and misconduct on the part of said Assistant Education Officer at this crucial time. So the services of said Assistant Education Officer are hereby suspended immediately and he is directed to report to the office of worthy Deputy Commissioner, Faisalabad.

However disciplinary proceedings under PEEDA Act 2006 will be initiated separately. However he will draw his salary / allowances under relevant rules.

Suspension of AEO due to Absent from Duty at Quarantine Center

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