Teachers e-Retirement System 2021 | Retirement Hehr Punjab Gov Pk

As we know, School Education Department has initiated teachers e-Retirement system 2021 to facilitate the dedicated teaching staff in Punjab. Complete instructions to use the online retirement module have been added to the retirement manual.

Important Information Included In e-Retirement System:

  • Retirement Scenario
  • Leave Preparatory To Retirement
  • Premature Retirement
  • Cancellation of Retirement Request
  • Guidelines for e-Retirement Process

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Teachers e-Retirement System 2021 HRMS Online

All authorities are requested to ensure all retirement notifications 2021 in the future through this system. A message has been floated to all those teachers who will retire in 2021 to submit their required papers through their login & password.

Open e-Retirement System Online


If retirement notification for the year 2021 has already been issued. In that case, the concerned honorable teachers can upload his manual issued retirement notification through his login & password to reissue retirement with QR.

All concerned authorities are requested to float this message widely to all. Kindly acknowledge this message immediately.

Teachers Retirement Manual 2021 Pdf Download

Teachers e-Retirement System 2021

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