Technical Staff Scale Upgradation Notification 2021

Azad Government of the State of Jammu & Kashmir, Finance Department has issued the official announcement through notification on 21st May, 2021 in connection with Technical Staff Scale Upgradation in AJ&K.

Upgradation Technical Staff 2021 AJK

Consequent upon the decision of the Cabinet in its meeting held on 14.04.2021, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir have been pleased to accord approval for up-gradation / re-designation of following posts of Technical staff of Communication & Works, Physical Planning & Housing, Central Design Office. Local Government & Rural Development and other Departments and other Departments of the Government with effect from 01.05.20201 as under:-

Technical Staff Upgraded Scales and Redesignation

S.# Nomenclature and existing scale Re-designated / up-graded scale
1. Head Draftsman                        BS-15 Chief Draftsman                   BS-16
2. Head Draftsman                        BS-13 Head Draftsman                        BS-15
3. Divisional Head Draftsman       BS-14 Divisional Head Draftsman       BS-15
4. Draftsman                                  BS-10/11 Draftsman                                   BS-14
5. Sub-Engineer / Overseer            BS-11 Sub-Engineer / Overseer            BS-14
6. Auto-Cad Operator                     BS-12 Auto-Cad Operator                     BS-13

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Eligilbity Criteria For Technical Upgradation 2021

  1. The Finance Department shall not create / up-grade any post with the nomenclature of Overseas BS-11 in any Government Department in the future.
  2. Post of Sub-Engineer BS-16 in the Local Government & Rural Development Department (including other Government Departments if any) shall deem downgraded in BS-14 and shall not be filled in BS-16 when become vacant in the future. The Concerned Department shall intimate Finance Department forthwith.
  3. Trace BS-5 and Ferro Printer BS-01 are granted relevant next immediate scale to the extent of incumbents subject to the Condition that these cadres shall be dying cadre and any post become vacant shall not be filled in future.
  4. Required funds will be adjusted in the Revised Budget Estimates for FY 2020-21.

Technical Staff Scale Upgradation Notification 2021

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