Temporary Attachment of CDA/MCI Employees for Polio Duty

CDA (Capital Development Authority) Directorate of Health Services Islamabad has issued the official Notification letter on 26th November, 2019 in connection with temporary attachment of CDA / MCI Employees for Polio Duty for case response Polio Eradication Campaign (2nd to 6th December, 2019).

CDA Employees Attachment 2021

National Emergency Operation Centre (N-EOC), Ministry of NHSR&C has scheduled to conduct CR Polio Eradication Campaign for Islamabad w.e.f 2nd to 6th December, 2019. Directorate of Health Services is responsible to conduct the campaign within municipal limits of CDA, Islamabad.

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In order to conduct quality Polio Campaign in Islamabad, Officials mentioned at Para-4 are hereby nominated as volunteers to participate in following activities of Polio Eradication Campaign CR December, 2019:





Training of Team Members (CDA Polio Workers) 28th & 29th November, 2019
2 Polio Immunization Days

2nd & 5th  November, 2019


Catch up activities

6th  November, 2019

Zonal Supervisors and Area Incharges indicated in the List-A and Polio Team Workers indicated in the list-B are hereby relived from their duties with immediate effect till completion of Polio Campaign.

All officials are directed to report and contact with concerned Zonal Supervisors for subject training and Polio duties in Zones mentioned against their names.

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For any query, feel free to contact Mr. Muhammad Afzal Abid, Senior Assistant, DHS (Contact No. 0346-5066030)

Mr. Muhammad Afzal Abid is directed to document reporting of officials deputed and forward the name of absent officials of HRD Dte, CDA.

Office orders are also being uploaded on CDA website (www.cda.gov.pk); individuals/offices concerned can also download copy of orders for necessary intimation and follow up.

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All concerned D.Gs / Directors are responsible to inform the officials immediately and circulate the office order under their Directorates /  Divisions.

This issues in the light of Dy. Director-II, HRD letter No. CDA-8(4) HRD/Sec-iv/2018/190 dated 02-03-2018.CDA - MCI Employees for Polio Duty List-1

CDA - MCI Employees for Polio Duty List-2 CDA - MCI Employees for Polio Duty List-3 CDA - MCI Employees for Polio Duty List-4 CDA - MCI Employees for Polio Duty List-5 CDA - MCI Employees for Polio Duty List-6 CDA - MCI Employees for Polio Duty List-7


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