Time Scale Promotion of SS & SSS Teachers QAED Punjab Lahore

Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development, Government of the Punjab Wahdat Colony, Lahore has issued the official Notification letter on 15 October, 2019 regarding Time Scale Promotion SS and SSS teachers.

No.DSD/GCENT/34-19/VOL-XI/3029 – Consequent upon the approval by the Competent Authority in the light of Finance Department notification No. FD.PC-4012/2017 dated 17.07.2019. Time scale Promotion of the following officers to their next relevant scales is hereby approved.


Name Designation Existing Regular BPS Date of Joining in Existing Scale

The Date of Completion (10 Years)

Date From which Time Scale Promotion in admissible


Syed Ali Hussain Naqvi QAED Sargodha

SSS(Bio) 19 24-4-2009 23-4-2019



Dr. Zubair Ahmad Shah QAED Sargodha SSS(Edu) 18 31-7-2007 31-7-2017 01-2-2019
3 Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad QAED Sargodha SS(Eng) 17 30-5-2007 29-5-2017



Mr. Shaukat Rizwan QAED shahpur Sadar, Sargodha SSS(Physics) 18 30-4-2009 29-4-2019



Time Scale Promotion of SS & SSS Teachers QAED Punjab Lahore

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