Toilets in Schools for Physical Challenged Students

Government of the Punjab, School Education Department has issued the official Notification letter regarding toilets in Schools for physical challenged students.

The School Education Department, Govt. of the Punjab is pleased to present its Wash In Schools (WinS) Strategy, Standards and roll out action plan for Punjab. Pursued in consonance with the safe hygiene practices, sanitation is an integral part or WASH in school. The toilet is one of the part of sanitation infrastructure in school encompasses.

For improving the health facilities, maximizing the enrollment with the logo ‘Every Children in the school‘ the Competent Authority has desired to provide the proper hygiene facilities in an easy mode for the physically challenged students in addition to the normal students.

Therefore, In view of the above, I am directed to request you to observe the following guidelines for the provision of toilet(s) to the physical challenged students.

i). At least one specially designed toilet may be provided for physical challenged students.

ii). Toilets are no more than 50 meters from all classes.

iii). Toilets for physically challenged students may be mounted commodes.

iv). Access to modify Western Commodes (Pot Seat) may be provided for early children.

v).Toilets for physically challenged students may be approached through ramps of less than 1:10.

vi). Floors are drained in the Western Commodes (WCs).

vii). Superstructure of the toilets in earth quake resistant. The plinth level may be kept above the flood water marks in the area.

viii). In the hilly terrain, the toilet blocks must be located at a minimum distance of 10 feet from the beginning of the slope, and suitably designed earth relating walls constructed.

ix). The Non Salary Budget may be utilized for the construction of the new/repair of toilets for the physically challenged students.

I am further directed to request you to ensure to disseminate the information to the lower formation for compliance in real and true spirit.

Toilets in Schools for Physical Challenged Students

Physical Challenged Students

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