Training of Field Staff on Annual Census 2021

The training of field staff on Annual Census 2021 notification has been issued on 23rd October, 2020 by the programme monitoring & implementation Unit (PMIU), Punjab Education Sector Reform Program (PESRP).

Census Training Schedule 2021

Traditionally, PMIU conducts Annual School Census on October 31, 2020, every year. Based on the practice adopted last year, the Annual School Census will be conducted through School Information System (SIS), Before this date, all public schools Including Primary, Elementary, Secondary and Higher Secondary will be required to login to the SIS application in their tablets and update I correct all their SIS data for submission of Census-2020.

All the Education Officers from CEO down to Deputy DEOs and AEOs are requested to ensure successful completion of the activity, Each Authority will be personally responsible for submitting complete and accurate Census data electronically through SIS.

For said purpose, Mr. Usman (AEO) and Mr. IJaz UI Ghaffar (AEO) will provide training I orientation to the remaining AEOs who will further visit their Marakiz for training / orientation of their teachers, Moreover, all the DEOs are requested to direct all the Heads / I.T teachers / AEOs.

Training of Field Staff on Annual Census 2020-21

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