Transfer/Posting Guidelines of AEOs 2020

Directorate of Public Instruction (Elementary Education) Punjab has issued the official Notification letter on 19th February, 2020 in connection with transfer/posting guidelines of AEOs 2020.

It has been observed that Inter District Transfer cases of AEOs are being forwarded by CEOs without adhering to list already circulated by this Directorate on 27.01.2020.

Eventually after examination the case there is no option except to refer it back to the CEO (DEA) with the request to provide requisite documents which causing un-necessary delay.

All the CEOs (DEA) are finally advised to set the format as per guidelines given in the letter.


1). While forwarding Inter Divisional/Inter District Transfer cases of AEOs, it may clearly be mentioned in the subject on what grounds such case has been forwarded to this Directorate out of under mentioned.

  • Administrative Grounds
  • Against Vacant Posts
  • Operational Necessity.

2). If the transfer is requested on disable, widow, divorced grounds, the relevant certificate / documents must be attached with the case. Furthermore posting / transfer due to any other ailment which hinders the mobility its certificate duly verified by medical board may also be provided with the case.

3). If the AEO has already availed any transfer (either in district or out of district) it may clearly be mentioned in forwarding letter and copy of orders duly attested by CEO (DEA) may also be attached.

4. Tenure of AEO may be attached under the signature of DEO concerned.

5. It may clearly be mentioned whether AEO is on contract or regular employee.

6. 1st appointment orders duly verified by the competent authority may be attached.

7. 1st joining report duly verified by the competent authority may be attached.

8. Clear cut vacancy where AEO has requested for transfer may be attached issued by concerned CEO (DEA). N.O.C for accommodation / adjustment in the District (Fresh).

9. Inter District proforma duly countersigned by the DEO and CEO (DEA) concerned may be attached.

10. Photocopies of academic and professional certificates / degrees alongwith their verification by concerned Board / University duly attested by the Deputy DEO concerned.

11. Photographs and CNIC of applicant attested by the Deputy DEO concerned.

12. Latest computerized pay slip attested by the Deputy DEO concerned.

13. No Demand Certificate, No Inquiry Certificate and No Audit Para Certificate countersigned by the DEO concerned. These certificates must contain dispatch number of CEO (DEA) office.

14. A certificate / undertaking issued by the Deputy DEO concerned that he / she will be personally responsible if any of the documents or case is found fake or bogus at any stage.

15. The School Education Department in the letter bearing No. SO(SE-IV)7-167/2019 dated:21.01.2020 already endorsed to you has desired that the transferring authority i.e. DPI (EE) shall ensure suitability / qualification / competence and requisite experience before posting / transfer officers / officials against positions to improve functioning of this Department. You are therefore directed that while forwarding the Inter Divisional/Inter District Transfer case of AEO, his / her suitability / qualification / competence and requisite experience may clearly be incorporated in forwarding letter.

16. The performance of AEO in the light of terms and conditions as levied at Sr. No. 05 & 06, in letter of agreement must be attached with the case.

17. Recommendations regarding suitability / competency of AEO.

All the CEOs are again advised to follow the above mentioned guidelines and ensure attachment of above discussed documents with transfer case of AEO to avoid any complication and prompt disposal of cases. In future no incomplete case may be forwarded to this Directorate otherwise CEO concerned will be held responsible for the consequences.

A copy of proforma / check list is also attached.

Transfer Posting Guidelines of AEOs 2020

Transfer Posting Guidelines

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