Transfer Rules of Teachers 2022-23

Transfer Rules of Teachers 2021

If you are connecting with the most sacred profession in Pakistan as “Teacher“. So it is common for every teacher to understand the rules and regulations implementing on 2022-23 in Punjab Education Department. We are sharing some rules to understand the phenomena of E-transfer on compassionate grounds.

 Teachers Transfer General Rules 2022-23

A. Teacher Requirement in Schools

  • For stand-alone primary schools (with classes from K to 5), the number of teachers required is given as follows:

Teachers Allocation Criteria for Stand-alone Primary Schools

Primary (K to 5) Enrolment Range

Required Teachers1

1 – 80 3
81 – 120 4
121 – 160 5
And so on …
  • For primary sections of non-primary (i.e., elementary, secondary & higher secondary schools), the number of teachers (PST/ESE) required is given as follows:

Teachers Allocation Criteria for Primary Section of non-Primary Schools

Primary (K to 5) Enrolment Range

Required Teachers (PST/ESE)

1 – 80 3
81 – 120 4
121 – 160 5
And so on …
  • For schools with elementary classes (6, 7 & 8), the number of teachers (EST/SESE) required is given as follows:

Teacher Allocation Criteria for Elementary Section (6, 7 & 8)

# of Sections (in 6, 7 8)2

Required Teachers (EST/SESE) based on Subject Group

Arabic Drawing Computer


Arts / English / General /

Oriental / Urdu / Vernacular

Maths / Science /


33 1 1 1 2 1
4 1 1 1 2 2
5 1 1 1 3 2
6 1 1 1 3 3
And so on …
  • Additionally, for elementary schools, only one teacher will be required for the post of SSE/SST (without subject), i.e., for the post of the school head.

1 For stand-alone primary schools, this is not restricted to PST/ESE, but includes all teachers and sanctioned posts.

2 Each section will be considered to comprise of 60 students (i.e., for every 61st student, a new section will be considered for the purposes of defining teacher requirements).

3 A minimum of three sections will be considered, irrespective of enrolment.

  • For schools with secondary classes (9 & 10), the number of teachers (SST/SSE) required is given as follows:

Also Check:

Teacher Allocation Criteria for Secondary Section (9 & 10)

# of Sections (in 9 & 10)

Required Teachers (SST/SSE) based on Subject Groups



Arts / English / Urdu Science Maths /


24 1 2 1 1
3 1 3 1 1
4 1 3 2 1
5 1 4 2 1
6 1 4 2 2
And so on …
  • For EST/SESE physical education, the number of teachers (SST/SSE) required is given as follows

Teacher Allocation Criteria for EST/SESE Physical Education Teachers

Total Enrollment of School Required EST/SESE Physical Education Teachers
0 to 1000 1
More than 1000 2
  • Furthermore, other than the requirement given in the above tables, a minimum number of teachers must be maintained in all schools, such that,
    1. A minimum of 2 teachers must be present in stand-alone primary
    2. A minimum of 2 PSTs/ESEs must be present in primary sections of non-primary
    3. A minimum of 3 ESTs/SESEs must be present in elementary schools (or elementary sections of schools).
    4. A minimum of 2 SSTs/SSEs must be present in secondary schools (or secondary sections of schools).
  1. The enrolment numbers will be based on benchmark enrolment decided by the 5
  2. Computer Science teachers (EST/SESE & SST/SSE) will only be required in schools with computer labs.6
  3. In terms of teacher requirements, schools will be divided into three categories (for each subject group):
    1. Category Red: At least one teacher is required7.
  4. Category Orange: At least one teacher 8
  5. Category Green: The number of teachers is exactly as
    1. Teachers will always be allowed to transfer out from orange
    2. Teachers will always be allowed to transfer in to red

4 A minimum number of two sections will be considered, irrespective of enrolment.

5 Unless explicitly specified otherwise, the benchmark will be based on the previously conducted school census. For schools that did not submit this census, the benchmark will be based on the current SIS enrolment.

6 The presence of computer lab will also be considered based on the previously conducted school census (or the current SIS data, for schools that did not submit the census).

7 For a teacher to be considered required, the teacher must be required within the subject group.

8 For a teacher to be surplus, the teacher must be surplus within the subject group and in line with point-5.

  1. Teachers will never be allowed to transfer in to orange or green
  2. Teachers will never be allowed to transfer out from red or green

B. Designation-to-Post Inter-Transferability

The following table defines the sanctioned posts (of a school) to which a teacher of a certain designation is eligible to transfer to:

Teacher Designation

Eligible Sanctioned Post for Transfer

PST/ESE (any subject) PST/ESE (any subject)
EST/SESE (Agriculture) EST/SESE (Agriculture)
EST/SESE (Arabic) EST/SESE (Arabic)
EST/SESE (Computer Science) EST/SESE (Computer Science)
EST/SESE (Drawing) EST/SESE (Drawing)
EST/SESE (English) EST/SESE (English) EST (General)

SESE (Arts)

EST (General) EST (General) EST/SESE (English) EST/SESE (Urdu)

EST/SESE (Oriental) EST (Vernacular)

SESE (Arts)

EST/SESE (Home Economics) EST/SESE (Home Economics)
EST/SESE (Maths) EST/SESE (Science)

SESE (Science/Maths)

EST/SESE (Maths) EST/SESE (Science)

SESE (Science/Maths)

EST/SESE (Oriental) EST/SESE (Oriental)

EST (General)

EST/SESE (Physical Education) EST/SESE (Physical Education)
EST (Technical) EST (Technical)

EST (General) SESE (Arts)

EST (Vernacular) EST (Vernacular)

EST (General)

SESE (Arts) SESE (Arts) EST/SESE (English) EST (General)


SST/SSE (any subject) SST/SSE (no subject9)
SST/SSE (Arts) SST/SSE (Arts)

9 These are the posts of head of the elementary school.

Teacher Designation Eligible Sanctioned Post for Transfer
SSE (English)

SSE (Urdu)

SST/SSE (Computer Science) SST/SSE (Computer Science)
SST (Commerce) SST (Commerce)
SST (Home Economics) SST (Home Economics)
SST/SSE (Science) SST/SSE (Science)
SST (Technical) SST (Technical)
SSE (English) SSE (English)

SST/SSE (Arts)

SSE (Maths)

SSE (Physics/Maths)

SSE (Maths)

SSE (Physics/Maths)

SSE (Urdu) SSE (Urdu)

SST/SSE (Arts)

SS (any subject) Dy. Headmaster

Headmaster 10

SS (Arabic) SS (Arabic)
SS (Arts and Crafts) SS (Arts and Crafts)
SS (Biology) SS (Biology)
SS (Chemistry) SS (Chemistry)
SS (Civics)

SS (Political Science)

SS (Civics)

SS (Political Science)

SS (Commerce) SS (Commerce)
SS (Computer Science)

SS (I.T)

SS (Computer Science)

SS (I.T)

SS (Economics) SS (Economics)
SS (Education) SS (Education)
SS (English) SS (English)
SS (Fine Arts) SS (Fine Arts)
SS (Geography) SS (Geography)
SS (History)

SS (Pak Studies)

SS (History)

SS (Pak Studies)

SS (Home Economics) SS (Home Economics)
SS (Islamiat) SS (Islamiat)
SS (Maths) SS (Maths)
SS (Persian) SS (Persian)
SS (Philosophy) SS (Philosophy)
SS (Physical Education) SS (Physical Education)
SS (Physics) SS (Physics)
SS (Psychology) SS (Psychology)
SS (Sociology) SS (Sociology)

10 Only allowed (for both, Dy. Headmaster and Headmaster) if years of service as SS is at least 10 (as of the last date of application submission period), and the grade of the teacher is the same as the grade of the post.

Teacher Designation Eligible Sanctioned Post for Transfer
SS (Statistics) SS (Statistics)
SS (Urdu) SS (Urdu)
SSS (any subject) Sr. Headmaster

Principal 11

SSS (Arabic) SSS (Arabic)
SSS (Arts and Crafts) SSS (Arts and Crafts)
SSS (Biology) SSS (Biology)
SSS (Chemistry) SSS (Chemistry)
SSS (Civics),

SSS (Political Science)

SSS (Civics),

SSS (Political Science)

SSS (Commerce) SSS (Commerce)
SSS (Computer Science)


SSS (Computer Science)


SSS (Economics) SSS (Economics)
SSS (Education) SSS (Education)
SSS (English) SSS (English)
SSS (Fine Arts) SSS (Fine Arts)
SSS (Geography) SSS (Geography)
SSS (History),

SSS (Pak Studies)

SSS (History),

SSS (Pak Studies)

SSS (Home Economics) SSS (Home Economics)
SSS (Islamiat) SSS (Islamiat)
SSS (Maths) SSS (Maths)
SSS (Persian) SSS (Persian)
SSS (Philosophy) SSS (Philosophy)
SSS (Physical Education) SSS (Physical Education)
SSS (Physics) SSS (Physics)
SSS (Psychology) SSS (Psychology)
SSS (Sociology) SSS (Sociology)
SSS (Statistics) SSS (Statistics)
SSS (Urdu) SSS (Urdu)
Dy. Headmaster,


Dy. Headmaster,


Sr. Headmaster Sr. Headmaster
Principal Principal13
Qari Qari
Bandmaster Bandmaster

C. Calculating the Score for Application Ranking:

11 For all SSS transfers, the grade of the teacher and the post must be the same.

12 The grade of the teacher and the post must be the same.

13 The grade of the teacher and the post must be the same.

  1. Scores for applications will be calculated based on the following factors:

Also Check:


20 Marks

·      0.50 marks, for every km after 08 km, for cadre of tehsil.

·      0.25 marks, for every km after 16 km, for cadre of district.

·      0.25 marks, for every km after 24 km, for cadre of province.

·      The distance considered will be the road distance between the two schools (despite not being travelled by any teacher), as determined by Google Maps. This will be calculated at the time of submission of the first application (for which distance score is needed) concerning these schools.14

·      The distance will be rounded down to two decimal places.

·      Score will be calculated to two decimal places.

·      Distance marks will only be awarded to teachers that are serving in a school at the time of applying.

·      Teachers applying for across district transfer will be awarded score as per following formula:

( (Tenure + Seniority + Divorce + Disability + Widow + Wedlock) / 80 ) * 20)


30 marks

·      The start date of the tenure will be the ‘Date of Joining in School’ or ‘Date of Appointment in Current Designation’, whichever is later.

·      No marks will be awarded for the first year.

·      Every subsequent year will carry 2 marks.

·      Partial marks will be awarded for partial year.

·      Score will be calculated to two decimal places.

·      Tenure marks will only be awarded to teachers that are serving in a school at the time of applying.


20 marks

·      The start date for calculating seniority will be the ‘Date of Appointment in Current Designation’.

·      Every year will carry 2 marks.

·      Partial marks will be awarded for partial year.

·      Score will be calculated to two decimal places.

Divorce 15 marks
Disability 10 marks
Widow 10 marks
Wedlock 05 marks

Applications that are not based on promotions will be ranked based on score (with the highest score getting preference). Applications based on promotions will be ranked firstly based on the;

14 Originally stated as “The distance considered will be point-to-point between schools (based on MEA data, with an error margin of 300 meters).”


date of order of promotion (earliest date gets preference) and secondly on the basis of seniority number of the applicant (smaller number gets preference).

  1. In case of a tie, preference will be given:
    1. Firstly, on the basis of gender (females will be given priority)
    2. Secondly, by the CNIC date of birth (an earlier date will be given priority)
    3. Thirdly, on the basis of the personnel number (smaller will be given priority)
  2. The score for distance will not be considered when comparing teachers from within the same school (to decide on which one(s) of them are to be considered for transferring out, with reference to section A).

D. Open Merit Applications

  1. The teacher must spend at least one year (as of the last date of the application submission period) in the current school to be eligible to
  2. Across-district applications will only be accepted from teachers of BPS 17 and

E. Compassionate Applications

  1. Compassionate applications will comprise of four categories: Disability, Divorce, Wedlock and Widow.
  2. Out of the four categories, only Wedlock and Disability can be combined within a single application. Other than this combination, only one category can be opted for in a single application.
  3. A teacher’s transfer application based on,
    1. disability, can be actualized only
    2. wedlock, can be actualized multiple times, but only if the spouse is a government servant (otherwise, only once).
    3. divorce/widow, can be actualized any number of
  4. The category for Widow and Divorce will only be available for female
  5. All preference of the compassionate application must of the same
  6. When applying on compassionate grounds, the teacher requirement criteria of the origin school as given in sections A.1 to A.5 will be relaxed (i.e., these five rules will not be applicable).
  7. For male candidates, applications based on Wedlock must necessarily be for a different district than their current
  8. For teachers having designations of tehsil and province cadre, across district applications can be done only on the basis of Divorce, Wedlock or Widow. Using Disability alone, such teachers can only apply within district and cannot apply across-district.
  9. All across-district compassionate applications of EST, SESE, SST and SSE will be subject to the availability of initial recruitment quota of the designation/subject of the applying teacher, in the destination district. The rules governing this quota are defined as follows:
    1. The following subjects of EST/SESE and SST/SSE will be grouped for quota calculation:
      1. EST/SESE (Arabic)
      2. EST (General), EST/SESE (English), EST/SESE (Urdu), SESE (Arts), EST (Vernacular)
  • EST/SESE (Home Economics)
  1. EST/SESE (Maths), EST/SESE (Science), SESE (Science/Maths)
  2. EST (Technical)
  3. SST/SSE (Arts), SSE (English), SSE (Urdu)
  • SST (Home Economics)
  • SSE (Maths), SSE (Physics/Maths)
  1. SST/SSE (Science)
  1. For each subject group, the following two categories of teachers will have a quota of 50%:
    1. Teachers promoted from within the district
    2. Teachers initially recruited or transferred in from some other 15
  2. The quota for male and female schools will be calculated
  3. The quota ratio will be determined by calculating the number of teachers16 by their subject, and the total number of sanctioned posts of the same subject group (E.9.a) within the district. For example, for the post of SST (Maths) in male schools,
    1. Total posts of SST (Maths) & SST (Physics/Maths): 120
    2. Posts allocated for promotion: 50% of 120 = 60
  • Posts allocated for initial recruitment: 50% of 120 = 60
  1. Total Teachers (promoted): 50
  2. Total Teachers (on initial recruitment): 40
  3. Posts available for promotion: 60 – 50 = 10
  • Posts available for recruitment/across district transfer: 60 – 40 = 20

F. Mutual Applications

  1. Mutual transfer cannot be done if the remaining service of any one of the two teachers is less than one year, or if the teacher has applied for a pre-mature
  2. Mutual transfer cannot be done if the teacher has been promoted and that promotion has not been
  3. Mutual transfer cannot be done if any of the two teachers has served for less than one year (as of the last date of application submission period) in the current
  4. Teachers will not be allowed pre-mature retirement within one year of actualizing mutual transfer.
  5. Mutual transfer application will only be considered if both teachers apply (i.e., submit their applications).
  6. The designation and sanctioned posts of both the teachers involved in the transfer must comply with the inter-transferability rules (section B).
  7. If a teacher is applying for a mutual transfer, he/she cannot apply at the same time on the basis of open merit or compassionate

15 To further clarify, teachers who have transferred in from a different district will be counted against the recruitment quota.

16 The number of teachers will be calculated by considering all the teachers (including the ones active in schools and the ones marked as surrendered, or as being on admin posts, or as being marked on disposal) of that designation and subject within the district, except for those who are assigned as the head of an elementary school.

  1. Mutual transfer will only be actualized if both teachers complete the relieving/joining process. If any one of the two teachers fail to join within the required timeframe, the transfer order will stand cancelled and both teachers will be moved back to their original
  2. Mutual applications can be done both within and across districts (across district transfer will affect the recruitment/promotion quota).

G. Promotion Applications

  1. Promoted teachers will be allowed to apply in the same school (based on the availability of an inter-transferrable post, as defined in section B).
  2. Teachers promoted from SS-17 to SSS-18 will be eligible to apply to any vacant SSS-18 post in the same school. If approved, the post subjects will be swapped within the
  3. Similarly, teachers promoted from SS-18 to SSS-19 will be eligible to apply to any vacant SSS-19 post in the same school. If approved, the post subjects will be swapped within the
  4. The transfer restrictions given in section A will not be applicable on transfers due to
  5. Teachers promoted to BPS 15 and 16 will be allowed to only apply within their current district; while teachers promoted to BPS 17 and above can apply to any

H. General Rules

  1. Applications will be prioritized based on the following order (by category):
    1. Teachers applying on promotions
    2. Teachers applying on open merit / compassionate
    3. Teachers marked as on disposal / on admin posts /

Furthermore, applications from the teachers of the cadre ‘Ex-MCL’ in the schools marked as ‘M.C Local’ will be given preference over teachers of other cadres, irrespective of the above-mentioned application categories.

  1. A teacher’s application must lie in exactly one of the categories mentioned
  2. Teachers must have an age less than 60 years (as of the last date of application submission period) to be eligible to
  3. Female PST/ESE teachers can apply to any school; for others teachers, males can only apply to male schools and females can only apply to female
  4. Teachers of cadre ‘Ex-MCL’ will only be allowed to apply to schools marked as ‘M.C Local’.
  5. When applying to transfer out from a school, the teacher requirement criteria (given in section A) for EST/SESE/SST/SSE Computer Science, EST/SESE Arabic, EST/SESE Drawing, EST/SESE Physical Education and SST/SSE (head)17, will be relaxed so that even a single teacher is allowed to
  6. Posts that are marked as blocked by SED, or against which transfer order requests from CEO have been received, will not be available for teachers to apply
  7. Teachers who are not allowed to apply for all types of individual transfers, (due to any restriction posed by the rules) will be allowed to record their ‘willingness’ to transfer out of their school. They can provide a maximum of ten preferences for any school that requires teachers of their

17 i.e., the teachers who are assigned to the posts of SST/SSE, without subject, as the school heads.

designation/subject. This collected data may be used at a later stage to facilitate these teachers, on the discretion of SED, as per rules.

  1. During the application submission time-frame, teachers will have the option to modify their preferences and to re-submit their application multiple However, this facility will be locked

 six hours before the submission deadline. During the last six hours of the submission phase, new applications can be submitted, but submitted applications cannot be modified and resubmitted.

  1. Applications that are not submitted during the transfer open period will not be entertained (although, the department may consider a grace period of 10 minutes).
  2. While applying, teachers will be required to give at least one preference (and can optionally enter multiple preferences). The system will consider transfer options in the order of preference specified by Once a transfer is approved by the authority (in the system), the teacher will be bound to comply with the transfer. Any failure to do so will invoke a disciplinary action involving PEEDA.
  3. During the application verification time-frame, teachers may withdraw their complete Withdrawing or modification of preferences within the application will not be allowed, the preferences will be considered based on the priority given by the teacher during the application submission phase.
  4. The department may conduct multiple rounds of evaluating applications and verifying and placing teachers on the merit lists. No applications in any merit-list will be considered after the last placement
  5. During verification, department may reset a previously approved/rejected application, if the verifying authority deems fit to do Such applications will be reconsidered for placement in the next placement round (if conducted).
  6. If discrepancies in the teacher application/data are found during verification, rejecting the application (by the CEO) will result in rejecting all the preferences of that teacher. If discrepancies in a sanctioned post vacancy are found during verification, blocking the post (by SED, or via a CEO transfer request) will result in rejecting all the preferences of the applicants for that post.
  7. For the approved transfer orders, if the transfer is not actualized via the QR code (i.e., relieved from the current school and joined to the new school via the SIS tablet application) within the given time frame, the order will stand cancelled and the teacher will remain in the original
  8. Once a teacher joins the new school transfer order, the date of joining of the school will be the date of the scanning of the QR
  9. Applications that do not comply with any of the above rules will not be

Appendix-A: Cadres

Designation Cadre
Qari Tehsil
Bandmaster Tehsil
PST Tehsil
ESE Tehsil
EST District
SESE District
SST District
SSE District
D.P.E Province
Dy. Headmaster Province
Headmaster Province
SS Province
Sr. Headmaster Province
SSS Province
Principal Province

 Appendix-B: Date Definitions

For the calculation of the marks for seniority and tenure, the following three dates will be considered:

  1. Date of Joining in School: This is the date in which the teacher has given joining in any particular school.
  2. Date of Appointment in Current Designation: The date in which the teacher has joined his current designation (either by promotion, or by recruitment). In case of regularization, the date of appointment in the contract post will be considered for score 18
  3. Date of Joining in Service: This is the date in which the teacher has given joining in SED. By definition, this date must always be before or on the above two

Appendix-C: To-Dos Before the Start of a Transfer Round:

Pre-Requisites for every transfer round (to be completed at least 3 days before the start of the application submission):

  1. Dates of the transfer round to be announced on the
  2. Retired teachers should be removed from the school (by marking them as retired).
  3. The data of posts that are currently filled (but are not marked as filled in SIS) should be rectified by issuing QR-code based orders for those teachers/posts.
  4. Any posts that need to be blocked for e-transfer should be marked as blocked (by SED).
  5. There should be no pending QR-code based transfer order (i.e., all must either be actualized or expired).

18 For PST, ESE, SSE and SESE, and any other post for which direct recruitment is done, this date will be the same as the date of joining in service.

  1. SED to verify initial recruitment/promotion quota available on SIS dashboard and provide feedback (if any). In case of no feedback from SED, current data will be considered as correct and will be used for next transfer
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