Travelling Allowance Rules Punjab 2023

Travelling Allowance Rules Punjab

Definitions of Travelling Allowance

Travelling Allowance means a allowance granted to a Government servant to cover expenses which he/she incurs for travelling in public service (FR-9-32)

A compensatory allowance to meet expenditure necessitated by special circumstances in which duty is performed (FR.9, FR-44, PTAR-l.6)

General Rule: The allowance must not be treated as a source of income/profit to recipient


TOUR: Away from duty from Headquarters either within or with proper sanction beyond the sphere of regular duty (SR-61, PTAR-2.1)

TRANSFER: Movement of Government Servant from HQ to another Station for the following:-

a) To take up duties of a new post

b) Change of HQ (SR-2-1S)

A transfer on own request is not treated in public interest thus cannot be used for claim of TA

PAY: monthly amount drawn by a government servant as basic pay (running) , qualification pay, technical pay, special pay, personal pay and any other emoluments which may be specially classified as pay (FR-9-21a i,ii,iii) PTAR-1.5(O)

FAMILY: A civil servant’s

a) Wife or husband as the case may be

b) Legitimate Children and stepchildren under 12 years of age or above 12 years residing with him and wholly dependent on him/her


a) Civil servant has no legitimate children or step children

b) Prior government approval

c) One child only

d) Ceases to be as member once his/her own legitimate child or step child

e) Residing with the Civil Servant and wholly dependent on him/her

f) Wife (Only one allowed in Federal Govt while no restriction in case of Punjab Government {SR.2(S), PTAR-l.5(G)}

HEAD OF DEPARTMENT: Any authority whom government may declare Head of Department for purpose of these rules [(SR.2(10), PTAR-l.5 (J)]

DAY: A calendar day beginning and ending at midnight or an absence from headquarters which exceeds 24 hours [PTAR-1.5(F)]


a. Any area limit and sphere of duties fixed by the competent authority

b. Government secretariat/office to which a government servant is attached

c. Any station declared as home by Government


a) Period of absence from Headquarter

b) Time of departure from office or residence (as decided by Competent Authority)

c) All forced delays in transit (must be justified with proof) will be treated as part of transit  [SR-70© PTAR 2.37)]

Journey’s for which TA is Allowed

Official Tour


Joining first appointment

Retirement, suspension, dismissal or termination of employment

Training course Examination
Attend Court Attend inquiry Proceedings
Obtain Medical Advice Attend Darbar or Official Function
Seminar/Conference Inspection visits
Attend an incapacitated civil Official Tour servant Any other purpose authorized by Competent Authority

Categories of Govt. Servants For Purpose of Travelling Allowance (Punjab)


Civil Servant in BPS


BPS-17 and above

BPS-14 to 16


BPS-11 to 13

BPS-1 to 10


I. Permanent Travelling Allowance

ii. Conveyance Allowance

iii. Mileage Allowance

iv. Daily Allowance

v. Actual Cost of travelling


A. Subject to conditions laid down in SR22-24 (PTAR-2.6) a permanent monthly TA may be granted to a govt. servant whose duties involve continuous and extensive touring

B. Such allowance is given in lieu of all other kinds of TA within the government servants sphere of duty


A. All government servants who are required to travel extensively or within a short distance from his HQ

B. Travelling daily from residence to place of duty

C. Shall not be entitled to daily allowance for such travelling BPS

(Punjab Travelling Allowance Rates PTAR 1.14)

Conveyance Allowance Rates w.e.f 01-07-2012


Previous Rates

Current Rates


Rs. 850/- p.m Rs. 1700/- p.m
05-10 Rs. 1150/- p.m

Rs. 1840/- p.m


Rs. 1700/- p.m Rs. 2720/- p.m
16-19 Rs. 2480/- p.m

Rs. 5000/- p.m

Points to be noted

I. Officials using Transport pool vehicles are entitled to Conveyance Allowance provided they do not use the vehicle for movement to and from their residence

II. Officials living in official residences in residential colonies within work space are not entitled Conveyance Allowance


a. Allowance calculated on the distance traveled which is given to meet the cost of a particular journey (SR 29, PTAR-2.20)

b. Journey between two places must be performed by the shortest practicable route

c. Should be performed by the cheapest of such routes

d. Govt. servant must be able to cover the distance in the most speedily manner

e. Mileage allowance is admissible from the residence of the Govt. servant to the railway station, airport, seaport, river port, bus stand

f. From the above to the place of his/her temporary duty/residence at the out station

g. Government Servant is required to travel by the class of accommodation for which he is entitled. If he travels at a lower class, he will be entitled to the type actually used


Mode of Transport

Entitled Fare



Actual  cost of Tickets


Personal  car* /Taxi  personal  car registered  in name of civil  servant or any member  of family

Rs. 10/-per   KM


Motor Cycle/Scooter

Rs.4 per KM


Public Transport

Rs. 2 ..5/-  per KM



Rs. 2 per KM


Carriage of Personal  Effects on transfer  or retirement

Rs.0.002/-  per Kg per K.M


• Uniform allowance for each day of absence from headquarter for performance of duty

• To cover expenses incurred

• Admissible for nights spent at out station

• Half DA is allowed when absence from HQ exceeds four hours and duty is performed beyond radius of 10 miles/16 KMs and overnight stay is not involved.


Basic Pay Scale       

Ordinary Rate (Rs)

Special Rate(Rs)


496 800
05-11 624



1120 1440
17-18 2000



2480 3280
21 2800





Reimbursement of Hotel/ Guest Room Rent

• A government servant who stays in a hotel, guest house, lodge or residential club shall, in addition to daily allowance, be allowed reimbursement of actual single room rent subject to the production of receipts/ vouchers

• Room rent includes all taxes, duties and service charges excluding mini bars, laundry, ironing etc

• Double room allowed within ceiling

• Room sharing admissible

• Localities where special daily* allowance is admissible: 3 times the amount of special daily allowance

• Localities where ordinary daily rate is admissible: One and halftimes the amount of ordinary daily allowance

• In case of non availability of single room the touring civil servant may book double room on sharing basis and furnish certificate regarding non availability of single room (* Divisional Headquarters / Big cities)


1. Training period exceeding one month (30 days) is treated as change of Head Quarter hence TA/DA shall not be admissible

2. Hotel accommodation is not permissible during training

3. Availing hostel facility shall lead to deduction of half daily if meal is provided by institution

4. Daily at full rates shall be permissible to govt. Servant who has to avail hotel/guest house due to non availability of hostel space

5. If Govt. Servant opts out despite availability of hostel accommodation, no DA will be paid thereof



Processing family (KG) If not possessing a fimly (KG)

TA Facility

BPS-01 to BPS-10

760 Kg 380 Kg


BPS-11 to BPS-13

150 Kg 760 Kg

AC Lower Ordinary or Above

BPS-14 to BPS-16

3000 Kg 1500 Kg

AC Parlor or Above

BPS-17 & above

4500 Kg 2240 Kg

AC Sleeper or Higher

CATEGORY – I : Motor Car or Motor Cycle

CATEGORY-II: Motor Cycle or a Motor Car

CATEGORY-III: One Motor Cycle or a bicycle

CATEGORY-IV: A bicycle

Transfer: In case of Family

• Any member of family who follows him within six months of the date of transfer

• The name, age and relationship must be mentioned in TA Bill

• If family travels from another station, TA shall not exceed the amount that would had been permissible if members had travelled with Govt. servant

• Mileage allowance per family member is permissible


• Transfer means the movement of a government servant from headquarter station in which he is employed to another such station due to:

I. Change of Headquarters

II. To take up duties of a new post

• TA is not admissible unless the transfer is for public convenience. Transfer at own request is not treated as transfer hence no TA is admissible until specially allowed by CA


• The advance on tour is booked as expenditure under object head A0380S-TA

• If funds are not available under this head then TA advance cannot be paid

• TA advance can be paid upon transfer (PTAR-6.11)

• TA advances have to be sanctioned by Head of Office

Pay Advance upon transfer up to 1 month pay recovered in 3 installments from next station

• TA/DA must be claimed within financial year and existing budget

• If claimed in the next year it must be justified

• TA/OA claim is considered to be time barred if produced after six months or after 30th June

• Claims beyond one year up to six years can only be claimed after proper investigation

• Such claims require sanction of Finance Department

Controlling Officer

• Head of Office/ Controlling Officer

• Tour Approval with justification

• Controlling Officer may amend, modify, alter tour program

• Counter signs all TA claims

• May object to TA Claim and order revision

• DDO may not be Controlling Officer

• Tour Program is a must for claiming TA/DA

• Invitation letter/ order/ nomination/ selection

Sanctioning Powers ( Punjab Delegation of Financial Power Rules 2006)

Current TA claims: Controlling Officer/ Head of Office

Arrears of TA up to 3 years: Category-I officer

Beyond 3 years: Special sanction from Finance Department

Arrears up to 3 years: Category-I/II/III up to extent of whom they are competent appointing authority


• Government servant possessing family: One month’s pay

• Government servant without family: Half month’s pay

• In case of Punjab, no transfer grant is admissible if transfer is within district


• General instructions regarding preparation and form of vouchers. (Rule 4.6 of STR)

• Prescribed printed TA forms should be used

• If inevitable, typed forms can be used

• Amounts should be written in figures and words

• All addition I alterations should be attested in words I figures

• Complete accounts classification should be recorded in the given place

• Countersignatures of Head of Office, where necessary should be obtained

• If the bill is for certain special charge, sanction orders should be quoted I attached

• Mode of Travel must be accompanied by proof, if actual charges are claimed

Journey By Air

• Travel by Air is permissible on tour or transfer:

• If officer is in Category-I, then at his discretion

• If competent authority certifies that air travel was urgent or necessary

• If government servant who is not authorized travels by air, he shall claim as if he had travelled by rail, road or steamer (PTAR-2.33) Journey on Retirement or Termination of Contract (PTAR 4.1-4.5)

I. Govt. Servant is allowed TA in respect of journey from place of last posting to his home town I domicile/ permanent address*

II. Admissible upon Retirement or Leave Preparatory to Retirement (LPR)

III. Same TA rules and rates as he/she was admissible during last service

V. Cost of Transportation of personal vehicle shall be calculated as per the most practicable route Advance and Final Payment

VI. No Daily Allowance for halts in Journey

VII. Transfer Grant Admissible up to 6 months after date of retirement (in case of LPR)  (verifiable by Audit officer)

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