Trophy Hunting of Urial in Punjab 2019-20

Director General, Wildlife & Parks Department Punjab has announced the latest trophy hunting of Urial in Punjab, Pakistan, hunting period will be from 1st December to 31st March 2019-20.

The Punjab Wildlife & Parks Department, Lahore, Pakistan, announces Urial trophy hunting permits for 2019-20.

Distribution of trophies is as under:

  1. Salt Range (Chakwal and Jhelum Districts)  – 12 NOs.
  2. Kala Bagh (Mianwali District)  – 04 NOs.

Tour operators / Bidders / Outfitters are invited to offer their sealed bids in the name of Director General, Wildlife & Parks, Punjab, Lahore. The bids will be received on 05-12-2019 upto 1.00 pm and will be opened
on the same day in the presence of bidders or their representatives at 2.00 pm. After completing codal formalities the respective successful bidders will be notified and communicated-within 3 days through Fax or E-mail.

Successful Bidders / Outfitters will be required to confirm their acceptance of Trophy Hunting offers by depositing the bid money with the Punjab Wildlife & Parks Department. In case bids are not received on 05.12.2019 then the bids will be received on 09.12.2019 till 1.00 pm and will opened at 2.00 pm on the same day.

Terms & Conditions for Trophy Hunting

  1. The offer shall be made in US Dollars. Successful Bidders / Tour operators / Outfitters shall attach call deposit as the earnest money i.e US$ 5000 in favour of Director General Wildlife & Parks, Punjab with the bid offer.
  2. The earnest money US$ 5000 shall remain with the Department as a security and after completion of successful hunting of Urial trophy, the said amount shall be returned to the respective outfitters on their request. In case of any violation of the prescribed terms & conditions by the respective outfitters, the department has right to forfeit the earnest money.
  3. Reserve price for one urial trophy will be US$ 18000.
  4. Prescribed Gun Shooting Licence fee of US$ 500 will be charged in addition to the Trophy hunting Permit Fee. Urial trophy bunting permit shall be issued to the respective hunter subject to payment of approved trophy bid alongwith shooting fee in advance in designated account of the Department.
  5. Out of the allocated quota of 12 Nos. beads of urial trophy by the Ministry of Climate Change, Islamabad, equal distribution of trophies shall be undertaken for each CBO existing in Sail Range. While the quota of 04 bends of Urial trophy allocated separately shall be reserved for the respective CBO i.e, Kalabagh, In first phase, one trophy each will be distributed amongst the CBOs existing in Salt Range and Kalabagh. Where after completion of one urial trophy by each CBO, the same pattern will be followed for remaining trophies.
  6. Hunting will be permissible only in community managed areas specified in permit.
  7. In the case or Tie, bidders will be called for negotiations.
  8. The bidders will clearly quote in their bids the number of trophies, applied for by them.
  9. One chance will be provided for each trophy and hunter will be required to complete hunt within specified period of consecutive seven days.
  10. Trophy will be removed from hunting area on the same day of hunt.
  11. No hunting other than Trophy of Urial be allowed in the hunting area. In case of injuries or death of other animal caused by the hunter, penalty of US$ equivalent to the approved bid amount will be recovered from the hunter/outfitter.
  12. The outfitters / hunters will be required to apply for separate licence for possession of trophy or expert permit whatever the case may be Possession fee will be charged @ US $ 100, whereas Export fee will be US $ 200.
  13. CITES export permit will be issued by the Ministry of Climate Change, Government of Pakistan for hunted trophies on recommendation of Punjab Wildlife & Parks Department.
  14. The hunters will be strictly bound to observe hunting period. No relaxation in hunting period will be allowed in any case.
  15. Security of the foreign hunters will be the exclusive responsibility of the outfitters/respective
  16. The Director General, Wildlife & Parks, Punjab reserves the right to reject all or any of bids after assigning and valid reason and the decision or Director General, Wildlife Punjab shall be final.

Trophy Hunting of Urial in Punjab 2019-20

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