UBL Hajj Application 2021

Submit your Hajj application 2021 at your nearest UBL branch. UBL and Ministry of Religious Affairs, adding convenience to your Hajj experience.

Key Highlights

♦ Application forms can be submitted from 25th February till 6th March, 2020.

♦ Successful Hajj applications will be selected on the basis of ballot by the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

♦ Any person who has performed Hajj under the Government Hajj Scheme in the last 5 years  (2015 and onwards) will not be eligible to perform Hajj in 2020 under this scheme, except as a Mehram.

Mandatory Requirements

♦ International Machine Readable Pakistani passports valid at least upto 1st February, 2021.

♦ Valid NADRA Computerized CNIC.

♦ 1 clear colour photograph in 4*3 cm  size (70% of the photograph must display the applicant’s face) with a light blue background, women must cover their head, ears and neck.

Application Fee

Hajj Packages

Without Qurbani

With Qurbani

South Region (Karachi, Sukkur & Quetta)

Rs. 455,695/- Rs. 478,520/-
North Region (Other Stations) Rs. 463,445/-

Rs. 486,270/-

UBL Hajj Application 2020

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