Ufone Monthly Call Package Unlimited Minutes Package 2023 Rupees 749

Ufone Monthly Call Package

Ufone Monthly Call Package Unlimited minutes in just 749 Rupees, including 14GB Internet for 30 days. It is the most economical call and internet package for Ufone customers. It is also known as Super Card Max including 350 Off-Net Minutes and unlimited PTCL Calls by Ufone. The subscription code of the Ufone Unlimited Call package is *629#.

Ufone mobile sim network always provides the best call packages for their customers. If you are searching the affordable call package for monthly (30 days), it keeps more value. In our opinion, it would be the ideal selection for everyone. You can also check latest Ufone internet packages 2023 for daily, weekly and monthly in the most reasonable price.

If you are a student, employee, or jobless can easily afford unlimited calls Ufone package. Ufone always introduces such a unique and reliable packages. The Ufone monthly voice package became very popular in just a short period. You can also avail of the 14 GB Internet for Social Media like WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO, Instagram etc. and Google browsing. If you are searching for the Ufone packages for call in 749 rupees, you are right now at right place to find all the details. You can also find the Ufone WhatsApp package 2023 for monthly data use. You can also check Jazz Monthly Call Package 1000 Minutes Package 2023 in just 55 rupees.

Ufone Monthly Call Package 749 Rupees For Unlimited Calls

The Ufone 749 rupees monthly call package offers Unlimited minutes and 14 GB Internet for all the users. You can activate it with a simple code of *629#I suggest you subscribe to this offer once and check the features for lifetime use. After activating the Ufone Monthly call package 749 rupees, indeed provides you daily unlimited call minutes from Ufone-to-Ufone.

Ufone 749 Rupees Call Package Details

Package Name: 749 Monthly Call Offer
Price: 749 Rupees
On-Net Minutes [Call Minutes]: Unlimited
Off-Net Minutes: 350 Minutes
 Internet: 14Gb (14000 MBs)
Validity: Month (30 Days)
Subscription Code: *629#

You can save a lots of money using different call packages by selecting Unlimited Calls Ufone offer. If you are required only call to call the package for 30 days, without taking much more tension, then it would be a great choice.

Ufone Super Card Unlimited Calls Package 30 Days Code

You can dial *629# for activation (Subscription) of the Ufone Unlimited minutes call package for just 749 rupees, and you can also use unlimited minutes daily. You can easily subscribe and unsubscribe from this offer. You can also check the remaining minutes and internet data by using the same code *706#.

Ufone Super Card Unlimited Calls Package 30 Days Code

You can use Ufone Prepaid SIM to activate the monthly call package. The criteria for applying an activation code is simple. You need to load a balance of 750 rupees to activate Ufone monthly call package or you can activate through Ufone . When you would activate the package then, you can get the following two features;

Ufone Unlimited On-Net Call Minutes:

When you activate the Ufone 749 rupees package, you will get Unlimited On-Net Call minutes (Ufone To Ufone). You can get unlimited minutes daily and up to the limit of 30 days. You can use the Ufone Code *629# to activate the package, and it automatically de-activates after passing 30 daysYou can have to pay some additional charges due to tax charges.

Ufone 14GB Internet Package:

After the activation of the Ufone Monthly Call Package, you would get an extra 14 GB (14000 MBs) internet for social and browsing. All the Ufone customers can use 14GB of internet for up to 30 days without a subscription to any other package. You can use all the features of Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO, Instagram, Browsing  for YouTube Videos, Pictures, etc. Using the Ufone monthly call package, you can now connect with your friends and family members.

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