Upgradation of Clerical Staff in KPK Notification 2021

Government of Pakistan, Finance Division (Regulation Wing) has issued an Office Memorandum on 22-04-2021 in connection with Clarification Sought by Finance Division Regarding Upgradation of Clerical Staff and BPS-01 to BPS-16 Employees.

KPK Notification of Upgradation of Clerical Staff 2021

The undersigned to refer to Establishment Division O.M No. 1/13/96-R-6 dated 12-04-2021 and refer to the Division O.M. No. F.9(7)R-1/2014/2021-66 dated 26-02-2021 on the subject noted above and to say that the following may please be clarified:-

In para-3 of this Division’s O, M noted above, it was requested that Establishment Division may examine the proposal from the administrative/technical feasibility point of view. If such a study was carried out, it may be shared with Finance Division. it may be clarified if the M.S Wing of Establishment Division has found the proposed up-gradation feasible.

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Finance Division would like to know the views of M.S Wing Specifically with reference to the up-gradation of the Post of Superintendent to BS-17 as the superintendent is currently reporting to the section officer who is also in BS-17. So how the core policy handing unit in the Secretariat would function optimally in an arrangement where both the section Office and Superintendent will be BS-17.

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Further as per para-5 of the Establishment Division O.M. dated 12-04-2021 in which Finance Division was requested to initiate a Summary for the Prime Minister for approval of up-gradation of posts from BPS-1 to BPS-16 on the analogy of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, it is requested that reason/rule to initiate a Summary for the Prime Minister may please be shared as the current policy vests the up-gradation of BS 01-19 with the Secretariat Establishment and Finance. Also if to all a summary is required to be initiated, would it not be more feasible that Establishment Division, do so as the subject of upgradation rests with Establishment Division.

Upgradation of Clerical Staff in KPK Notification 2021

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