Upgradation of Posts in Basic Pay Scale (BPS) 2022

The Government of Pakistan, Cabinet Secretariat Establishment Division has issued the latest office memorandum on 29th June 2022 in connection with Upgradation of Posts in Basic Pay Scale (BPS). The undersigned is directed to say that, on a Summary submitted recently to the Prime Minister, he has been pleased to approve the policy for as been pleased to approve the policy for upgradation / redesignation of posts in Basic Pay Scale (BPS) system as indicated in the succeeding paragraphs.

Redesignation of Posts 2022 Upgradation BPS

Henceforth, the upgradation of posts shall be considered in the following cases only;

  1. When it is considered necessary to up-grade certain posts in order to rationalize the administrative structure of a Ministry/Division or a Department to make it more effective or to bring about uniformity of pay scales of similar posts in different organizations.
  2. Where the duties and responsibilities attached to a post have considerably increased
  3. Where pay scale of a post is considered grossly incommensurate with the qualifications and experience prescribed for appointment to that post.
  4. Up-gradation of a post on personal basis may not be allowed except if any officer, already holding on regular basis a higher grade post, is posted against a post, carrying lower grade, due to exigencies of service.

Subject to the observance of the parameters referred to in sub-paras (a) (d) of para 2 above, the proposals for the upgradation/re-designation of posts shall be processed by the following upgradation committee:

1 Secretary, Establishment Division Chairman
2 Secretary, Finance Division Member
3 Secretary, Concerned Ministry Member
4 Member, MS Wing Member
5 Joint Secretary(Regulation) Establishment Division Member/Secretary
6 Any Member to be co-opted by the Committee

Terms of Reference TOR) of Upgradation Committee

  1. All requests for seeking and some designation will be sent to the above committee
  2. The committee will consider upgradation/redesignation matters on case-to-case basis received from Ministries Division.
  3. Departments should route the cases through line Ministries/Division.
  4. The committee will decide on the cases for upgradation/redesignation of the posts in BPS-01 to BPS-19. The Division concerned as per parameters of existing policy shall submit the cases of upgradation of posts in BS-20 and above for review by the committee before submission to Prime Minister along with the recommendations of the committee.
  5. Joint Secretary Regulation), Establishment Division shall be the Secretary of the committee and will provide secretarial support to the Committee.

NB: – The committee shall meet on quarterly basis to decide the cares of upgradation However, the chairman of the committee may convene the meeting at his direction.

When the competent authority approves the up-gradation of post in the situations mentioned in sub-paras (a), (b) and (c) of para-2, appointment to the upgraded post should be made in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Servants (Appointments, Promotion and Transfer) Rules, 1973, and the specific rules which regulate appointment to the post.

The Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan in Civil Appeals No 101 102-P of 2011 has ordered as under:-

The upgradation cannot be made to benefit a particular individual in term of promoting him to a higher post and further providing him with the avenues of lateral appointment or transfer or posting. In order to justify the upgradation, the Government is required to establish that the department needs re-structuring, reform or to meet the exigency of service in the public interest in the absence of these pre-conditions, upgradation is not permissible.

The above instructions may please be noted by the Ministries Division for strict compliance thereof.

This supersedes Establishment Division’s OM No. 8/36 2000-R-1 dated 20-01-2001: OM No. 8/36/2000-R-1 dated 03-02-2001: OM No. 8/36 2000-R-1 dated 11-09-2018 and others on the subject of ‘upgradation redesignation of posts.

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Upgradation of Posts in Basic Pay Scale (BPS) 2022

Redesignation of Posts 2022 Upgradation BPS

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