Verification of Documents of Selected Teachers Regarding e-Transfer 2021

DPISE (Directorate of Public Instruction SE) Punjab has issued the official notification letter on 11th March, 2021 in connection with verification of documents of selected teachers regarding e-Transfer 2021.

Notification of Verification of Selected Teachers Documents For e-Transfer 2021

You are hereby informed that the verification of documents of selected Teachers regarding e-Transfer for compassionate grounds i.e. (divorce, widow, wedlock, disable, mutual) and adjustment of promoted teachers/on disposal teachers etc. will remain functional until 17th March, 2021.

The CEOs (DEA) has to verify the following documents through their logins in given time i.e. No ex-MC cadre teacher should verified against the post of general cadre teacher.

Verification of promotion, disposal order, marriage registration certificate, divorce certificate and disability certificate etc. will be made in transparent manners.

The portal will refresh on daily basis for the verification process. You are directed to verify the documents of Teachers/Officers and posts through your logins very attentively. If any mistake commit during verification concern CEO (DEA) can make correction on the same day.

Each CEO (DEA) will be responsible of any mistake during verification process. 4. Kindly ensure compliance of the above said directions in letter and spirit.

Verification of Documents of Selected Teachers Regarding e-Transfer 2021

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