Verification of Profile Information Uploaded at HRMS 2020

Government of the Punjab, Local Govt. & Community Development Department has issued the official Notification letter on 21st January, 2020 in connection with verification of profile information uploaded at (HRMS) Human Resource Management Information System developed by LG&CD department.

I am directed to state that digitization and e-governance is one of the top priority agenda of Government of the Punjab. In order to achieve envisioned objectives, a digitization scheme has been approved in Provincial ADP for CFY 2019-20 which contains twelve different components.

Amongst these components, Competent Authority has prioritized ” Human Resource Management Information System (HRMS)” as top priority to be developed immediately.

I am further directed to state that existing available service profiles / personal data of all Officers of Local Government Service of each care have been uploaded in the software developed for HRMIS.

The complete guidelines for use of the dashboard have also been prepared and are being enclosed with this letter for guidance and convenience of all the officers.

All the LGS officer shall login the HRMIS dashboard by using his CNIC number as username and download his / her profile information. The officer shall verify the information and complete the missing / wrong information by using different color coding for different parts.

The verified information shall be signed and submitted to Director Data Collection, Punjab Local Government Board by Thursday 23-01-2020 without fail.

In case of any help please contact Mr. Bilal Javed, PITB at Mobile No. 0301-8483601 and Mr. Muhammad Adnan, MIS Manager, LG&CD Department 0334-9892019 & 042-99212217.

It is once again reiterated that timelines given above should be strictly adhered to failing which strict disciplinary proceeding will be initiated as desired by the competent authority.

Verification of Profile Information Uploaded at HRMS 2020

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