Verification of Result Entries of Class-8th PEC Exam 2020

Punjab Examination Commission has issued the official Notification letter on 9th March, 2020 in connection with verification of result entries of Class 8th PEC Exam 2020.

It is submitted that as per marking plan given by Punjab Examination Commission, marking of grade 8 has been completed successfully. According to the Standard Operating Procedures for the conduct of exams and marking of papers issued by Punjab Examination Commission vide letter No. 913/PEC dated 15-11-2019.

It was mandatory to check minimum 10% result entries of each marking center through Tehsil Verification Committees comprising of the following members.

  1. Head of Marking Centre
  2. One grade 17/18 officer
  3. One IT Teacher/Personnel

The Committees will perform the following functions:

1. Ensure the error free entries of students’ results.

2. Check minimum 10% result entries of each marking centre.

3. Match 100% result entries of the candidates who obtained 33 to 40 percent marks.

4. Match the marks in the triangulation fashion; the marks entered in online system with award list and similarly marks of award list with the papers of the candidates.

Moreover, this is to inform you that the result verification reports on the prescribed proforma (attached) is prerequisite for the declaration of the results of your district.

It is therefore, requested to submit these reports to PEC on or before 13-03-2020 so that timely declaration of results may be ensured.

The Chief Executive Officer-District Education Authority will submit a certificate that the committees have completed the assignment in the light of above mentioned SOPs within stipulated time frame (i.e. 13-03-2020).

Note: Result of the district will be declared subject to the submission of verification reports.Verification of Result Entries of Grade-8 PEC Exam 2020Grade-8 PEC Exam 2020

Report of Result Verification Committee Proforma

Report of Result Verification Committee Proforma

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